Will Ferrell’s Ryan Reynolds Monologue – SNL

Published on November 24, 2019

Will Ferrell’s monologue goes awry when he spots Ryan Reynolds in the audience.

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  • Lerpy 8 months ago

    This skit is awful

  • Crimson Sand 8 months ago

    I’m betting this is on purpose . Making fun of the Ellen and brad pit thing . Same situation he was just in the audience and Ellen noticed and got all flustered lol

  • zach1936wasmyyear 8 months ago

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  • LeShon Jr. 8 months ago

    I would Love to meet all the cast of SNL from A-Z #Bucketlist

  • Cheesy Maccool 8 months ago

    SNL is still around???

    Huh!?…… Nice to know is still trying to be funny.

  • Toky09 Toky09 8 months ago

    Ferrell and Reynolds need to make a movie together. Maybe a DEADPOOL movie.

  • Narwhal Pilot 8 months ago

    This is painfully unfunny

  • miielyo avb 8 months ago

    Is ryan acting or not ?

  • michael mooney 8 months ago

    not funny but pathetic, a comedian for truly ignorant people prone to in breeding

  • Sara Playz 8 months ago

    I just came here for Ryan Reynolds

  • STEPHEN WILLIAMSON 8 months ago

    This is hard to look at

  • Number1Dougster 8 months ago

    I continue to maintain that Will Ferrell is not funny. I SERIOUSLY don’t get how this man has a career!

  • DAN Reynolds 8 months ago

    This guy is over rated and not very funny

  • Ariana Rainbow 8 months ago

    I don’t like ryan Reynolds and dont even watch films if he is in them. Something squirrelly in his appearance that pushes away from him.

  • Alex Ephraim Cruz 8 months ago

    Mr. Ferrell just be happy that Ryan Reynolds isn’t wearing red and that your name is not Francis, cause you would not like Ryan Reynolds in red

  • Tobias Konowitz 8 months ago

    Can we all admit Ryan Reynolds and Tom cruse are Hollywood’s best actors by far.

  • MarkT 8 months ago

    Not funny. SNL went way down hill when they were afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome. Not even Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds can fix this.

  • D Trayer Jr. 8 months ago

    They way get said his own name in Tracy’s voice was amazing.

  • Arlie Hopes y 8 months ago

    Gosh I got to tell you Will Ferrell is the absolutely most unfunniest guy I’ve ever seen on TV. he reminds me of a high school dork who tries to be funny but just looks like a moron

  • Popli Kid 8 months ago

    This is pure Ferrell writing. Blurring lines between reality and script while obviously it was planned down to the syllables. I wish he was writing on his most current movies.


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