Will Arnett Draws His Animated Characters

Published on July 11, 2018

Will Arnett is the voice of many well-known animated characters, but can he draw them? We snuck into his dressing room to find out.


  • William Jean 7 months ago

    Revelation 21: 4 “‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

  • Allie C 7 months ago

    Came for bojack

  • Hung Joon Song 7 months ago

    He drew the image of Muhammad

  • That One Channel That Uploads 7 months ago

    Didnt Stephen Colbert play as Broccoli Rob in The Office

  • New Message 7 months ago

    Bob Ross, eat your heart out.

  • Shroomy 7 months ago

    But can he draw G.O.B.?

  • PaleGhost69 7 months ago

    “The mock turtleneck is in the turtle neck family” Ah yes, the rare and elusive _Mockerus turtlus_

  • TheTomBevis 7 months ago

    Preschooler scribbles by an adult are art, now?

  • The Name of This Person Is Secret 7 months ago

    Darn no vulture from Horton Hears a Who

  • Vilen Everett 7 months ago

    His voice is just wow

  • FundaMental515 7 months ago

    Guess he never ended up getting the rights to Mr. Bananagrabber. Disappointed.

  • teeveeparty 7 months ago

    As an artist, I loved this

  • GirlGeek 7 months ago

    Careful Will, I can hear your BoJack coming out

  • Gamma Light 7 months ago

    Freaky timing

  • Glors Dabre 7 months ago

    I want Will Arnett to do ASMR videos <3

  • nenafan1 7 months ago

    No love for ‘Over the Hedge’?

  • Windrune 7 months ago

    He should have never given up the animation rights

  • Kyle Simukka 7 months ago

    This is awesome, love the format. Thanks for leaving us behind. Hey #filmmakers, #editors, and #soundengineers. Would an overhead boom microphone be better for this situation instead of that lav? From what I understand, lavs are designed to have a narrow directional pattern and that’s why his levels have significant fluctuations whenever he talks over his shoulder. I know you could fix it in post, but that would be an additional hour or two. But if I didn’t have access to a boom mic, my preference would be to block through his actions for a couple minutes and have the 1st AS set the levels for when he his drawing. Then in post, a compressor/limiter will even out the sound for when he’s talking over his shoulder. What would you do?

  • Christopher Lewis 7 months ago

    I was hoping he would draw his character Surly from The Nut Job. He’s my favorite.

  • ZubularMobile 7 months ago

    I love him from TMNTs!!! Lol, he’s crazy funny!


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