Will 2020 Be a Royal Rumble? – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on February 1, 2019

“If you don’t believe someone is fit to be president, they don’t become fit because they beat you. They’re unfit.” #BetweenTheScenes



  • Mark Summers 1 year ago

    Summed up in a nutshell . American democracy is fucking retarded

  • Finding Happily... 1 year ago

    Too late Trevor it’s already a shit show

  • For An Angel 1 year ago

    Except that Bernie never said those things about Hillary during the primary. He tried to run a clean campaign by only talking about issues and never attacking his opponent. That’s why he lost.

  • Bob Bob 1 year ago

    No Wall , abolish ICE , disarm the police, recall Trump, end the Fascist State, and give a 5 year visa to anyone that asks for one.
    Tripolar out.

  • Birdsong 1 year ago

    Bernie said to vote for Hillary because at that point she was the best option. he didn’t want Trump to be elected, and Bernie had lost the primary, so Hillary was the only option. It seems perfectly logical to me.

  • Alaska Gamer 1 year ago

    i think bernie changed his mind about Hillary because trump was the other candidate

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 1 year ago

    Infighting gets trump re-elected

  • MyBoards 1 year ago

    love ya trevvy

  • A. R 1 year ago

    “It was too late ” ??

    People voted . ?

  • antoine king 1 year ago

    Nina Turner for President??

  • Edward Mendel 1 year ago

    Trump’s knowledge is not trash.

    It’s a LANDFILL.

  • Queen Mother 1 year ago

    Bernie was right. She was unfit to be President based upon her political history and policies. But as Dr. West put it disaster is better than a catastrophe!

  • Star Cherry 1 year ago

    Does Trevor think that we’re going to get a democratic version of Trump?

  • IZZUL 1 year ago

    I would love to see Republican & Democrats candidate make an appearance in WWE Royal Rumble and beat the shit out of each other to see whose gonna be the next US President

  • Isaiah Wilson 1 year ago

    Aye that should be quoted and exemplified. If y’all dont think someone is fit to be president they dont become fit when they beat you. They’re unfit. It was funny and shit but thats some heavy ass truth

  • cjaime5137 1 year ago

    Winner will face Trump @ WrestleMania 36, in shoots and ladders steel cage match, to determine the U.S. President, live on PPV

  • Pournflakes 1 year ago

    NO…… he won because the left is pushing 9 month abortions
    transgender children
    toxic feminism
    forced Immigration
    white hatred
    all kinds of other satanic shit
    Seriously what more do you queers want ? oh our children
    Donald Trump won because the left on whole is fucking insane even I can see it and I hate Donald Trump
    he won because my old party the Democrats are insane. You think I’m wrong? A white child in a maga hat smirks and you all lose your fricking minds calling for violence on that poor kid

  • olivia brown 1 year ago

    This is why I don’t vote. There’s no one worthy

  • Sabrina Parker 1 year ago

    Sound Bite: We tear down Walls, We build bridges, it’s the USA way.

  • Jimmy Casillas 1 year ago

    About time someone said it.


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