Why You Should Buy Girl Scout Cookies & What Olympic Athletes CAN’T Do with Condoms | The Daily Show

Published on June 16, 2021

The Girl Scouts have 15 million unsold boxes of cookies because of the pandemic, and the Tokyo Olympics wants athletes to wait to use their official Olympic condoms until they get home. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah



  • Kandrea's World 2 years ago

    The Girl Scouts is just a scam. It makes a rich woman richer. It has nothing to do with helping young women. It’s child labor.

  • FrancesBaconandEggs 2 years ago

    Trevor. It would be 15 or 19 years. Not 18.

  • Femme Brulee 2 years ago

    It’s 2021. The Girl Scouts need to work on their e-commerce business. I went online to buy some and it said my area was sold out. I was willing to pay shipping. If there are 15 million boxes then list them for sale online. I’ve read a hundred comments saying people can’t find them on sale online on the Girl Scout website.

  • Shin 2 years ago

    Having people in food crisis and tons of food lying around waiting to expire.
    Welcome to the USA, bestest country on the planet.

  • Renan Gouveia 2 years ago

    Trevor became VSauce Kevin there for a second

  • Gerrit-Willem Smit 2 years ago

    in 18 years would mean that it is a winter olympic. 20 is more accurate 😉

  • Jakarii Eason 2 years ago

    The accurate fruit particularly cry because christopher reportedly match mid a wistful legal. alike, young wolf

  • Dildonion 2 years ago

    jake gyllenhaal we need you one more time save the girl scouts

  • Prince Charming 2 years ago

    Anyone want to go in on a million Girl Scout cookies with me?

  • José-Jacobó Yáñez 2 years ago

    Man I can’t believe it! Trevor totally missed out on shedding light on how GSC’s promote deforestation (especially in Malaysia)because of all the Palm oil they use up making their cookies. Young girls from within the Girl Scout’s themselves exposed this fact last year! Look it up.

  • James Lee 2 years ago

    They got the Boy Scouts out of the way and then established a cartel! That’s what they did. Boy Scouts don’t forget, Weblow.

  • Jo Bartholomew 2 years ago

    Too bad most Girl Scout troops get so little money from the revenue the cookie sales generate.

  • actuasco 2 years ago

    i just read that the surplus coolkies cannot be purchased individually.

  • Eduardo Hulse 2 years ago

    This greatest Olympics could be in 18 years, but most likely it would happen in 19, unless there is something else messing up with the regular schedule…

  • Joe Higashi 2 years ago

    A lot of people have also figured out the bargain store chain Aldis sells the exact same cookies for $1-$2. Even for charity a lot of people struggle to justify a $5-$7 box of cookies they can buy for a $1.50 elsewhere.

  • B&D Grimstad 2 years ago

    I hope they donate cookies to the food bank instead of just throwing them away.


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