Why Won’t Bernie Sanders Take “Socialist” As An Insult?

Published on September 19, 2015

It’s hard to insult Bernie Sanders when he doesn’t mind being called a socialist.

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  • Finn Daniel 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is the most promising candidate because he’s not blindly
    patriotic. The Republicans blame Obama’s terms as the reason behind the
    United States’ current deficiencies but maintain they, Americans, are able
    to fix the issues based from their ideas sourced from wholly American
    inspirations. The fact Sanders is looking globally to nations such as
    Denmark, a excellent example of how to run a country, is frankly exciting.

  • WhyNotTruth 4 years ago


  • Ronaldinjiia 4 years ago


  • hamzh bust 4 years ago

    i wanna hear everything he said on that show

  • hattorihanzo 4 years ago

    Yup its pretty nice here. Peace from Denmark

  • Katletas Domkratas 4 years ago

    Maybe he can get into heads of “socialists”, “liberals”, “progressives” of
    America that you can’t have welfare state and open borders

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov 4 years ago

    I was very impressed with his speech. I can see the similarities with Trump
    in that he strikes a chord within the masses. The only difference is that
    he doesn’t rely on grandstanding and demagoguery. Trump is the literal and
    metaphorical symbol of everything that is wrong with America. Greed,
    racism, and xenophobia. “Building a giant wall” should be Trump’s campaign

    It’s time a U.S. President isn’t afraid of and doesn’t pander to the one
    percenters. Rand Paul and Bernie seem to be the only two good contenders so

  • twinkesrockz 4 years ago

    FeelTheBern !!!!

  • Bowerick Wowbagger 4 years ago

    Just for the record I want to thank Vermont for electing this guy and
    making all of this possible in the first place. Next also kudos to New
    Hampshire and Iowa, for believing in it and getting this train running.

  • Franz Yama 4 years ago

    Sanders got his facts wrong, Danish students don’t study for free, they are
    getting paid to study.

  • Shane Richards 4 years ago


  • John Murray 4 years ago

    I don’t know why he didn’t upload the whole interview. But, I do know why
    he chose this clip. To help the American people get past the “Socialist”
    label in a good humored way. It appears he doesn’t openly support Bernie is
    because Colbert believes in democracy and doesn’t want to misuse his
    influence. He does however allow for the enthusiasm of the crowd and make
    sure people know he’s playing devils advocate when he grills Sanders. The
    best thing you can do for a politician with actual answers is to ask them
    hard questions.

  • Onlythewindremembersmyname 4 years ago

    President Sanders.

  • caarlos0987654321 4 years ago

    I saw the whole interview this was only a small part of it. One awesome
    thing he said was when Colbert asked Bernie why he doesn’t have Super Pac
    which is when rich people donate money to your campaign which Hillary
    Clinton has Bernie said that I don’t want billionaires money they can keep
    it. That’s amazing that’s a way you can tell people he’s not corrupt

  • Jakub Urbánek 4 years ago

    Hahaha, gotta love his Brooklyn accent.

  • Kevin Piastra: Comedian 4 years ago

    Colbert seems pissed here

  • reelreeler 4 years ago

    *Bernie Sanders 2016*

  • rialene92 4 years ago

    please upload longer than 5 mins every video !!

  • Field Marshal Fry 4 years ago

    with Jeremy Corbyn fighting the left fight over here, and Sanders looking
    strong in the Abandoned Colonies, we may very well see a new dawn for left
    wing politics

  • Sean Jenkins 4 years ago

    #FeelTheBern! Can we get a full interview?

  • Raaami001 4 years ago


  • kk P 4 years ago

    Denmark has a 60% income tax rate. That’s why kids go to college for free
    and healthcare is better.
    Oh what……. you think no one pays for that shit?
    America has a much lower tax rate. Do the math. Pretend you’re paying 60%
    vs 30%. If you pay an extra 30% tax on your average $40,000 salary, that’s
    $12000 per year you’re giving to that fucker Uncle Sam. Do that for 18
    years until your kid is ready to go to college, and you will have given an
    extra $216,000 in taxes over those 18 years. Fuck yeah I expect free
    college, and then some.
    NOTHING IS FREE. FUCKERS. If you let this socialist shit take over, you
    will get Bern’d.

  • MisterGuitarItalia 4 years ago

    Please, Americans, vote for this guy.

  • tsubaki 4 years ago

    wait what???
    just this?!
    i demand moooreeee

  • Ansley Rezzo 4 years ago

    If you promise to only upload 1 minute from the donald trump interview too,
    we’ll call it even.

  • gene 4 years ago

    On YouTube, watch one of his campaign rally speeches and you’ll see why we
    love him. President Bernie Sanders. Sounds real good.

  • krafting paws 4 years ago

    Short clip but I already like this guy.

  • David St. Pierre 4 years ago

    holy god this is real

  • Tw4tch s 4 years ago

    Upload the whole video in one or multiple parts, please.

  • Dara Marc Sasmaz 4 years ago

    I am also traditionally a social-democratic German and therefore of course
    favor Bernie Sanders, but the problem I see is that he simply demands for
    example what he says in the clip “Denmark has this and that and we not” and
    he has to put more effort in explaining to his followers what the real
    benefits of a solidary society are, what it really means if you work
    together instead of permanently competing against each other. Because the
    benefit is for example according to healthcare not that everyone got access
    to healthcare, it means more that more people can relax and concentrate on
    their education and training instead of worry about paying their healthcare
    bills, so in the end you got more and higher trained workers which of
    course increases economic power, reduces crime rates, raises the standart
    of living, etc.

  • georgsteg 4 years ago

    I am german. it only works in europe because european doctors make half of
    what american doctors make, same for college professors. AND of course
    everyone pays 60% taxes. EVERYONE. even the working class and lower class.

  • Max Moran 4 years ago

    People. Electing Bernie Sanders alone isn’t going to change anything. If
    you really want the kinds of changes he’s promising, you need to elect
    legislators that will work with him on them. That’s where the corporate
    money really is, and that’s where any non-symbolic change will need to be.

    And keep in mind there will be a difference between Candidate Sanders and
    President Sanders, same as there was a difference between Candidate Obama
    and President Obama. Having an anti-politics-as-usual message doesn’t end
    politics-as-usual, and both the country and the man will change with time.
    I see people getting rapturous and creaming themselves over just the
    thought of this guy, the same people that scoff and are rightly skeptical
    of campaign promises and presentational style from any other candidate.
    He’s still trying to win an election, same as anyone else, even if he
    happens to be hitting the notes that you (and I) both want.

  • NewAthens 4 years ago

    Bernie. Stop wanting to be more like Scandinavia. Guess what? We have
    higher GDP per capita than any Scandinavian country except for Norway,
    which is oil rich. We have more entrepreneurs, we have silicon valley, and
    we have the highest GDP total in the world.

  • FrankValchiria 4 years ago

    Barnie could save the USA

  • Garrett Marshall 4 years ago

    I get a kick out of how USA likes to turn down their noses at Socialism.
    Unless of course it means a socialist military, socialist police, fire,
    libraries, lawyers (public defenders), doctors (medicare), bankers
    (mortgage interest deductible). But what? College and Health Care? Are you
    kidding? That is taking socialism way too far!! 

  • Sarmad John 4 years ago

    Do I really have to use VPN every time I want to see a full interview? come
    on CBS!

  • Shaun Bob 4 years ago


  • Patrick The Reaper 4 years ago

    If you do want Bernie, make sure you Register as a democrat and vote for
    him in the primary election (not all states have closed primaries)

  • meurtri 4 years ago

    colbert is really insulting here and in the other video he put up
    “introducing” bernie sanders. seriously wtf. bernie tries to make a single
    point in this clip and gets put down before, during and after. edit: the
    entire interview is apparently the same dismissive tone now that i’ve seen
    it but bernie does an amazing job at staying on message.

  • Sharon S 4 years ago

    It’s too bad Bernie didn’t clarify the difference between a Democratic
    Socialist, which is what he is, with the kind of socialist many Americans
    have been brainwashed to fear by those who are doing extremely well under

  • Slurpon Muhdick 4 years ago

    Upload the entire interview!

  • art rocks 4 years ago

    I didn’t realise these people existed in the Americas. All hail Bernie!

  • TheTurdsammichShow 4 years ago

    Love his ideas, but how is he going to fund them? Especially ideas likes
    free college? I’m not trying to criticize/question him or anything, I’m
    just mainly curious.

  • mtnbkr2011 4 years ago

    The U.S. can’t be compared to Denmark or any other country that is
    “socialist”. The way of thinking in the U.S. is unlike any other country
    out there, which means different ways of governing will need to be
    implemented. If Bernie does win, he’s going to have to fight against a
    congress, which for the most part, doesn’t share the same ideas for the
    future of this country.

  • Rachel Rawr 4 years ago

    Need more clips of the Bernie plx!

  • Fuji Fiasco 4 years ago


  • Joshua Reyes 4 years ago

    Mr. Colbert, please upload the whole interview. Like the one in Joe Biden’s

  • ScrappytheDog 4 years ago

    Why not mention socialist countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, or
    North Korea? Scandinavia may be the only place in the world that light
    socialism has actually “worked” and that is principally because they export
    a ton of oil per capita.

  • Jonathan Heres 4 years ago

    Full Interview in my profile. Welcome.

  • Justin Lynn 4 years ago

    Socialism is depressing.

  • larsvontrier 4 years ago

    Why are there still people talking about health care so much? I also
    thought it is “so bad” in America, but recently read an article on Zeit or
    SZ or wherever (I’m from Germany) that only 10% or something of Americans
    don’t have health care.
    Anyway, this guy obviously is intelligent and whatnot.. Buuut, I can’t
    imagine him being a president at all. And no, I don’t know anyone in the
    race at the moment who could be, but just how old he comes across.

  • picklesandcheese25 4 years ago

    I was planning on watching this yesterday but I fell asleep right before
    Bernie came on the show. WTF!!

  • luis ortiz 4 years ago

    He’s a fucking communist

  • Harry Johnson 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016

  • Master Markus 4 years ago

    Sweet god damn, can someone else try to report this “Donald Trumpz” guy?
    He’s just stirring shit up and my Youtube isn’t working for me.

  • Dirty Daz 4 years ago

    People think socialist as a bad thing, yet the top innovators in todays
    world, such as Finland, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, are all
    socialist. We could use a dash of socialism in America too. Bernie 2016.

  • CFinNaples 4 years ago

    Dear Stephen: I stayed up way later than usual to catch your interview with
    Bernie… but you delayed it so late, I missed it and so woke up this
    morning with a headache from too little sleep. I’m miffed, but will not sue
    so don’t worry too much about it. Just PLEEEZZZ don’t do that again, eh??

  • Life without the boring parts 4 years ago

    This intelligent man could actually change America’s future for the better.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys overseas in 2016! I hope the
    religious fundamentalists and company lapdogs in your country finally get
    their thrashing!

  • Michael Smith Jr. 4 years ago

    There’s a thing called Utorrent guys. Lol

  • CFinNaples 4 years ago

    Please copy & paste to Twitter —– > @ColbertLateShow – Please upload
    Full Interview with @BernieSanders to Youtube !! THE WHOLE WORLD WANTS TO
    BE WATCHING! #FeelTheBern

  • AbRipperX 4 years ago


  • 1234uz 4 years ago


  • dialbid 4 years ago


  • Trevor Thompson 4 years ago

    once again… ads load fine, video will not. don’t tempt me YouTube…
    don’t think I won’t TPB

  • Natania M. 4 years ago

    Yo bernie sanders got my vote Free healthcare and Free college, that’s all
    I care about lol

  • shazil888 4 years ago

    This guy is a little too left… I agree with him on most issues, but I
    also think the main priority for the government right now is to balance the
    budget and lower the national debt…

    It seems like Liberals don’t really give two shits about that, which is

  • MutanTminusMutiny 4 years ago

    He’s white Obama. ???

  • RevucumberTechUSA 4 years ago

    But we are not countries in Scandinavia. We have a lot more retarded people
    in this country that can’t carry their own weight and would be happy to not
    work as hard so that everyone who did try and life could pay for
    everything. It’s fucked up. Our millennials are fucking stupid.

  • chasemebaby 4 years ago

    I love Bernie But He does look like an Old Jewish Lawyer hunching over the
    desk trying to make a deal. Its an interesting capture image.

  • theraptor44 4 years ago

    he doesn’t know what he’s saying. Can’t wait til the taxes go through the

  • TheatricOwl 4 years ago

    bernie is such a sweet old man and he just wants to help america

  • Jokke H 4 years ago

    No, Mr. Sanders… We get paid to go to school.

  • BudduredToast 4 years ago

    Can we please get a longer clip at least?

  • denisdrennan 4 years ago

    What an ignorant libo. Denmark is 5.6 million people you ignorant dipshit
    and has vast natural resources, of course they can afford a public health
    system. There is nothing worse for this country than these liberal

  • Jack McNally 4 years ago

    oh my god did bernie comb his hair

  • Bruno Diaz 4 years ago

    Where is the full intervieeww!!! commonnn <3

  • Jack Burton 4 years ago

    Denmark is a small country of 5.6 million, 90+% white. America has 44
    million niggers and even more mestizo retards.

    Socialism works when nearly everyone is hardworking and putting into the
    system. Third World socialism doesn’t work. Third Worlders are a net

  • High Caliber Archer 4 years ago

    Where’s the rest of the interview? Please upload it, please.

  • Duncan Macnevin 4 years ago

    he looks like Darth Sidious from star wars and hes a dirty commie

  • weunelect 4 years ago

    Lenin has been resurrected from the grave, and is trying to take over
    America. The democratic party could not get Hitler so they got Bernie.

  • Claes Ronnenberg 4 years ago

    Not only do we go to college for free, we get a monthly “pay” to go to
    college… so do our exchange students…

  • Pekmez Pita 4 years ago

    Why don’t you post the entire interview instead of forcing me to use your
    own awful, ad-ridden piece of shit of a player on your website?

    You’re doing the country a disservice. Why do you think nobody watches TV
    anymore? Post the interview here or go fuck yourself!

    Penny Pincher Moonves should whore out his wife a bit more if he’s
    desperate for ad money. He can always create another show for her. Why
    don’t you fill that show with ads since i certainly won’t be fucking
    watching it! Asshole!

  • janice barile 4 years ago

    Why is the FULL interview not here?

  • Mehdi Sejdiu 4 years ago

    Anyway we can access the full interview from Europe?

  • Kamikvze Co. 4 years ago

    we want the interview damn it!!

  • jammin yammin 4 years ago

    even tho i don’t support all of his views i am still voting for him.. i am
    tired of big business and big government running this country without
    getting checked.. we are to busy fighting about left or right wing, race
    wars, cop vs civilian or a damn flag we don’t realize its all a sham and i
    for once actually believe a president will do something about it.

  • SameBasicRiff 4 years ago

    bernie, the “i dont want to hate groups of people” candidate who hates the
    1%. there will always be a 1%, but its GOVERNMENT with its BILLION dollar
    bailouts to banks that is the problem. government is the problem, more
    government is not the solution.

    how much diversity is their on a basketball team? they are in the one
    percent because they worked to be there. people on that team ARE BETTER
    then others. deal with it. we need to go after the system, not the players.
    i hope america wakes up from this socialist dream before it becomes their
    nightmare. remember, nazi means “national socialist” in German.

  • jammin yammin 4 years ago

    this is my biggest gripe with both political parties. I am 100% against big
    business because they really do control our country. whether its the GOP
    openly saying lets give more money to the wealthy or its Dems saying they
    wont, but end up doing so. I am behind Bernie Saunders because i really
    feel the rule of big business will be limited in out government.

    I mean think about it if i owned a company and i paid political officials
    to make laws so i can make more money, then they give me a tax break so i
    can make more money only a select few are profiting from that.

    Walmart pays its employees so low that alot of them have to apply for
    welfare. why not raise the minimum wage so they get off the government tit
    and people like myself wont have to pay for them.

  • guzmanj80 4 years ago

    I see a lot of confused people here who think socialism is the answer for
    America. I also see some saying capitalism is out dated but I care to
    differ. America hasn’t been applying true capitalism here in a long time.
    Lets bring back true capitalism and a true constitutionalist back to the
    white house and bring America back to what made her great!

  • Buddy Barker 4 years ago

    damn Stephen, ive been a fan for years and loved the Colbert report; i love
    the irony and satire. i understand in a professional setting you might need
    to appear politically ambiguous but why give jeb bush and joe biden an
    honest unbiased personable interview and then overshadow bernie with your

  • Shouting Ship 4 years ago

    Figures that you’re more condescending out of character. You should have
    asked him in greater detail about policy.

  • FAYMprod 4 years ago



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