Why the Wage Gap Is Very Real But Shouldn’t Be – Desi Lydic Womansplains | The Daily Show

Published on April 29, 2019

Desi Lydic breaks down the gender wage gap, highlighting the motherhood penalty women face after having children and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team’s fight for equal pay.

Watch Desi Lydic: Abroad on Monday, May 13.



  • m norton buswell 3 years ago

    Holy heck, there are still people who think family leave is a perk for mothers.

    And anyone who thinks daycare is anywhere close to the equivalent of being cared for by parents is out of their mind.

  • SJW Tactics 3 years ago

    Anti sjws be like “lock her up”…”stick her in jail?”

  • German Her 3 years ago

    A modern lie.

  • Pickle Nick 3 years ago

    Great job writers and fact checkers! Including both sides, adding some thought to the number gap, but proving that it’s still not equal. Great job!

  • Catalin Stan 3 years ago

    Hope this is a joke….u make me doubt my reason of following you Trevor…???

  • Siam Kabir 3 years ago

    America sucks in football(It is the real football not the American Rugby and not even football you cunts)

  • Ed 865 3 years ago


  • Tdawg Luxor 3 years ago

    Desi I love your stuff but this was too much information in too little time and not enough comedy.
    That being said, I cant wait to watch your Iceland bit on May 13th 🙂

  • Guillaume Lemaigre 3 years ago

    In the academic world, you see less women than men. Since the moto is “publish or perish” you understand that it is often very competitive in order to get grants and position in faculties or research institutions. Often what happens is that a women whom has the opportunity to follow an academic carrer has to choose between either the academic career or a family life. Since the years where you have to publish the most are usually the years you would want to make a family and have kids.
    To give an idea, in Biology or Chemistry, there are often (in my country at least) more girl than boys in undergraduate, but less than a 25% of women in the academic (post-doc, research affiliates, etc. ).

  • LordSlag 3 years ago

    The Wage Gap: It’s a lie made up by man haters because women can’t hack it in the most difficult, dirty, dangerous work that makes civilization run. Undeniable proof: https://imgur.com/a/OwicqeJ

    Change your mind with the presentation of evidence or you’re willfully ignorant. Those are the only choices.

  • Oliver Villarreal 3 years ago

    So the daily show pays their women less?

  • PayThePiperr 3 years ago

    Yet we forget the biggest factor in the wage gap is race. White women make more than mostly everyone with the exception of white men.

  • Rails Life 3 years ago

    Make me a sandwich and suck my dick. That should be reward in of itself. ?

  • zaky bara 3 years ago

    nobody watches woman soccer sorry and yas the woman soccer (in america) is way better then the men division but world wide speaking less people are intressted in woman soccer compeard to male soccer yas it is unfair but you know kapitalism thats why the men earn more

  • Games & Graphics 3 years ago

    Funny…never seen a professional womens soccer team….especially in the Olympics.

  • Commander Useless 3 years ago

    Is it me, or is Desi really in her element here? I feel like she got to the heart of the issue

  • g bat 3 years ago

    If the woman’s soccer team wants more money they should quit woman’s soccer and try out for the men’s team. Then we should apply equal pay for equal work. When they all get cut from even the worst men’s team then they find out their true market value. Its sexist to have a male and female team.

  • Matt Smith 3 years ago

    Problems problems like sure this is an issue but honestly we have so much to work on here in America I’d rather see other things change first

  • Christopher Libby 3 years ago

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that men are more competitive in the workplace because they want to impress potential partners. Men are more apt to work overtime and more likely to ask for a raise. So women, if you want to get paid more, work more overtime and ask for more raises. But if you do get paid less then, then bs can be called. And also the fact that there is no required maternity leave is extremely stupid and needs to be fixed.

  • Thanatos Death 3 years ago

    So in Conclusion we don’t need a Man’s soccer team.


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