Why People Uncomfortable with Breastfeeding Should Suck It Up | The Daily Show

Published on August 15, 2018

Women routinely get accosted for breastfeeding in public even though it’s perfectly legal, and Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan offer a solution for all the complainers.



  • cuddler 2 years ago

    Its not one of the best ways to feed your child, its THE BEST!!
    Thats why women even have tits, to feed their children! Thats what boobs are for!
    All mammals have titties for that!

  • cuddler 2 years ago

    And another typical only in the USA “thing”.

  • Emman the pranker 2 years ago

    Breastfeeding in Africa is not a problem at all where I grew up it’s a problem if you don’t Breastfeeding your baby in public people even remind you

  • Khaye O'fril 2 years ago

    “Breastfeeding Awareness Month”?? This needing to be a thing is absolutely ridiculous!

  • A beautiful Queen 2 years ago

    Maybe dudes are mad because when females whip out their breast to feed their baby it natural but when a Male whip outs their penis their considered perverts. Idk

  • King Savage97 2 years ago

    Ok I’m all for public breastfeeding, but right in the middle of the kiddie pool is a bit much lol

  • Aldrin Paul Carreon 2 years ago

    It is so weird to hear this. I’m from the Philippines majority is christian / catholic and has muslim minority making it a religious country, but breastfeeding is never viewed like this, it is considered natural and will never be frowned upon. You will be punched in the face if you happen to approach someone to tell them they shouldn’t do it in public, okay i might be exaggerating about being punched in the face, but you will totally be frowned upon or you will be scolded at and I’m thinking anyone could call security to get you out of a restaurant too not the mother, cause hey! We see it as a totally natural thing! I can’t believe this happens in America. I can’t help but laugh at certain kinds of people who feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding LOL.

  • Tejaswini Rakhonde 2 years ago

    If a guy responds to public breastfeeding with ” So why can’t I pull out my dick and ejaculate”

  • mariam123ism 2 years ago

    But I don’t see anything wrong with covering while feeding your baby.

  • Tiar Tenorio-Atoigue 2 years ago

    Everybody report Dan C, for he knows not what he says.

  • Masego Sheila Bojosi 2 years ago

    How is that only men are complaining about brestfeeding? Whereas the suckle on titties during sex.

  • King Maximis 2 years ago

    Women should be aloud to breast feed a baby

  • Nicole Wulff 2 years ago

    Oo so They Call 911 on White People now? ??

  • Sfrica Monny 2 years ago

    Change the law

  • asif shekhsanadi 2 years ago

    A mom is a mom please respect that

  • Ryan Datta 2 years ago

    4:23 “we know there’s no spf 69” ???

  • Jerem 2 years ago

    The hypocrisy of the hedonsitic society. women should be allowed to breastfeed anywhere BUT they should have some sense of decency and cover that area or the child head a bit with a small scarf. I dont understand what’s gotten into women who think they have to nude themselves all the damn time as a sign of Independence. just because there’s a lot of disgusting things out there, people dont have to start doing intimate stuff publicly. A woman’s body signifies dignity & honor, and every honorable thing should not be publicly visible to any decent or sick bystander. it is socially uncomfortable so be it, just handle it wisely instead of giving it up altogether.

  • Leslie Borregard 2 years ago

    Mostly men are the ones being offended by this why, Because it’s not their baby, and they didn’t tap that ass either; so they’re offensively jealous of both you know why SMH.

    With women it’s the same damn shit if you see a woman breastfeeding, and her husband is right beside her, and you direct your jealousy toward both mother, and child then FUCK OFF; don’t think your envy is a result of just being offended by a booby you just can’t get LAID deal with it you stalking lonely psychos!

    That dick trash more than summed it all up at the very start of the footage being showed.

    BTW by law women can publicly breastfeed their infant wherever they need to do so, but I doubt any form of stupid can understand that.

  • Sloane Davenport 2 years ago

    what people don’t seem to realize is that it doesn’t matter whether it turns a guy on to see a bare boob. that’s their problem, not ours, and therefore it’s their responsibility to deal with it. it’s the same idea as people telling girls to wear shorts that go past their fingers to school because shorter shorts distract the boys (even though it shouldn’t). it’s still not our problem! we shouldn’t have to shut down and not feed our child because YOU are uncomfortable. suck it up.

  • Abdi Mohammed 2 years ago

    Mothers should have full right to feed their babies


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