Why “No Collusion” Doesn’t Equal “No Obstruction” – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on April 23, 2019

“2019 is the year when powerful white people are learning things about the justice system that black people in America have known about for a very long time.”



  • Bobby Florencio 4 months ago

    Literally no Trump supporter is saying that, no where, ever! I gotta see where he’s getting this from!

  • Roger Mouers 4 months ago

    It’s so amazing reading these great comments from around the world praising my fellow African brother….thank you guys for showing there is still decent people around the world. All the way from Namibia much love.

  • Scott Wilhelms 4 months ago

    The 🍪 Monster set him up! 😄
    Trump blocked ‘Mom’ because he was feeling guilty confused by all the other 🍪 he stole.
    Say you’re a shoplifter and the one time you get stopped by security you haven’t taken anything but you resist anyway.

  • Jim Fortune 4 months ago

    Before he could have black friends, he would have to have friends.

  • Wesley Ferrell 4 months ago

    Best analogy ever!

  • Nikita Elizarov 4 months ago

    It’s not weird at all. It is not only illegal to obstruct justice with no underlying crime. It is illegal even to attempt to obstruct justice with no underlying crime. And even if the attempt has failed. If it is not immediately obvious why this is the only reasonable way, here’s an explanation. For justice to be served, the legal facts have to be established. They can be established only via official legal means starting from investigation and following with the rest of the due process. In principle, if this process could be impeded based on someone’s personal belief on what the facts really are, the legal facts couldn’t be consistently established, and the whole system would be broken. To put it simply, only the legal process can determine whether there was or wasn’t a crime, therefore, until such a determination is reached, no one possesses this knowledge and thus cannot claim it as a reason for the process’s premature termination.

  • Alex Youngberg 4 months ago

    *How about saying “poor people” instead of “black people” trevor. We deal with it too. Its more just rich people that get away with crime.*

  • Blanco8x8 4 months ago

    I wouldn’t hesitate letting local officers or federal investigators search my entire house, with or without a warrant, from the basement to the attic, because I have nothing to hide, no illegal possessions, no dead bodies, no crimes committed .

    Trump is obviously hiding something, he foolishly expects privacy in the most public position in the world.

  • BNAMusic88 _ 4 months ago

    😂😂If had black friends

  • Isabelle Zablocki 4 months ago

    O.J Simpson got 33 years of prison for robbery of things that he said were his.

  • Concrete Lightbulb 4 months ago

    Trevor isn’t even joking. My brother used to get arrested for resisting arrest in NYC back in the 90’s and the first time that happened I thought he must be leaving something out of his story but nope, I’d go to 1 police plaza to find out what happened and he really was arrested for resisting arrest. Wtf?

  • ErynRenee 4 months ago

    These Between the Scenes clips are proof that Trevor Noah really was the best choice for the job. When he goes beyond reading a teleprompter, and engages the audience between takes (often taking audience questions) he demonstrates how brilliant he is on his toes. The fact that he understands the world as an immigrant from South Africa but also deeply understands American politics and culture…his commentary is uniquely insightful.

  • Jami 4 months ago

    I am kinda surprised no one is talking about the terror attacks in Sri Lanka seeing how so many people were talking about the shooting in NZ. I mea n, 290 people were killed and over 400 injured, including Americans, in several bombings in churches and hotels during Easter mass by ISIS (they claimed responsibility)

  • Markus P. 4 months ago

    The wording in this video really pisses me off.
    Trevor always complains about how republicans are dividing the country, rallying blacks against whites and vice versa, but then he always divides them in his black-people-impressions.
    Like he did at 1:45 saying “tell us how excessiv YOUR justice system is”, even though that “your” should have been a “our”.
    And thats not a minor inconvenience, but actually subconsciously makes us believe that black and white are divided.
    Congratulations Trevor, you´re doing such an amazing job.

    This is exactly why so many people preferred Steward over you.

  • Ya mon Da Troll 4 months ago

    It’s not that he was found to have not colluded, the report just said that they didn’t have enough evidence to prove it, but they still had enough to state that they were unable to exonerate him.

  • Sir Yardie 4 months ago

    I really enjoy behind the scenes of your show it is real personal on the topics you chose to discuss

  • Lily Fenster 4 months ago

    the difference between this and “resisting arrest” is that someone shouldn’t be arrested in the first place if they committed no crime, and someone not allowing a police officer to kidnap them for no reason should not be considered a criminal. but obviously, the police should investigate a crime if they’re not sure whether or not a particular suspect is guilty, and that suspect abusing their power in an attempt to stop them from doing so is still a criminal.

  • Nick30468 4 months ago

    “What they don’t seem to understand…” it’s a long, loooooong, list….

  • Iffy Edem 4 months ago

    Trevor knows how to do trump jokes right 😂😂 more late night show hosts should take lessons from him

  • brian mcfadden 4 months ago

    Comments on this thread are way funnier than this show has ever been


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