Why New Zealand Sent Money, Equipment And Training To Ukraine’s Army – PM Jacinda Ardern

Published on May 25, 2022

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern shares the conversation she had with President Zelensky after her country donated money and military supplies to help Ukraine push back Russia’s invasion. Stick around for more from New Zealand’s Prime Minister! #Colbert #NewZealand #JacindaArdern

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  • mattjdunn68 1 year ago

    Love Jacinta

  • autumnstarrs 1 year ago

    Man, to live in a country that would elect a person like her as a leader would be a dream.

  • Merino 1 year ago

    you gullible suckers,keep her over there

  • Angus MacPherson 1 year ago

    Please please just get rid of Putin and his evil pal Trump and his equally corrupt and evil family, thanks.

  • Henry 1 year ago

    It’s high tismze we listened to our parents. We would go to school and you’d hear them say don’t let bullies win. Stand up and face them down. If one person stands up maybe the next day two weeks the next day four. Even if we lose out our global society has grown big enough that we should take the responsibility and say no to a bully tell them we’ve had enough and nothing more will be tolerated. There are many ways of striking back indirectly and directly the point is we make a stand and we help each other to overcome what difficulties we all encounter in our lives.

  • Steven Romero 1 year ago

    Decency and common sense!

  • Ms Bramble 1 year ago

    The world would be a safer, more diverse and fair place of the US stayed out of other countries business.

  • Clyde Cessna 1 year ago

    British style “parliamentary democracy” which New Zealand has, is an elected dictatorship which squeezes out independent thinking and debate with no checks and balances.

  • Kevin Glenn 1 year ago

    Where’s our country’s politician’s values

  • Maria L 1 year ago

    The political system works like that in most democratic countries, I ‘m surprised that Stephen needed to have it explained. On the other hand, I tried to wrap my head around how US political system works few times, but failed.

  • nickrich56 1 year ago

    It doesn’t take guns to be courageous just character.

  • Crow Foot 1 year ago

    Sago Stephen

  • PhantomStrider 1 year ago

    Jacinda makes me proud to be Australian, though I’d love to see more New Zealand politicians with her heart a little closer towards us Aussies.


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