Why Is Judge Cannon Giving T**** Special Treatment? | Biden Delivers Anti-MAGA Warning

Published on September 6, 2022

The judge presiding over the Florida jurisdiction that includes Mar-a-Lago was hand-picked by the former president, while the current president is hitting the campaign trail with a message about the threat America faces from fascists in the GOP. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Null 1 year ago

    Wait your ex president has his day in court under a judge .. he.. appointed??? sounds a bit like a banana state guys, sorry to say it.

  • clifftanch 1 year ago

    Remember, for history, the name Aileen Cannon. Aileen Cannon.

  • Hannah Woods 1 year ago

    Oh thank God he’s back

  • TackTickle 1 year ago

    It’s not momentum, it’s “Joementum.” Just putting that out there. #writingcredit

  • Geeknoid 1 year ago

    FBI took thousands of medical records going back for 40 years, attorney/client documents, accountant documents, his wife’s clothes, and newspaper and magazine clippings tell me again this was about classified documents and not just a fishing expedition.

  • Deborah Hoffman 1 year ago

    Right. Fascists have the right to be idiots. Let em go…

  • Betty-Joy Moreau 1 year ago

    Just think Americans tax dollars are paying for all this trump B*ll sh*t .

  • Cindy S 1 year ago

    i missed you

  • FunLittleMovies 1 year ago

    Welcome back, we missed you!

  • Connie Wojahn 1 year ago

    diaper don’s hand picked judge will assign a hand picked “special master” who will exempt everything diaper don wants excluded from the DOJ no matter whether or not it’s privileged or anything else. he ALWAYS gets what she wants.

  • moonmoonbirdcpt 1 year ago

    I rather play #TreeOfSavior instead


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