Why Is America’s Vaccine Distribution Struggling? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 27, 2021

From wasted doses and limited appointments to wealthy people gaming the system, America’s COVID vaccine rollout has been a disaster across the board. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  • Karthik Acharya 4 weeks ago

    LOOK AT INDIA. We don’t just have 2 vaccines but are making & donating them free of cost to our neighbouring countries. WHO’s THE THIRD COUNTRY NOW?????

  • ron fair 4 weeks ago

    So the country that has a pharmacy on every other corner can’t seem to figure out how to get this done ? Walgreens , CVS , Walmart , ETC. just to name a few places that should have been involved in the final stages . As far as quantities did anyone really think the last administration had a plan . They wanted everyone to just get the shit and let god sort them out . The logistics of getting the shots should be the easy part of the equation the problem before that is getting the vaccine amounts to get the job done . Which the clown administration failed to secure and even turned down when approached . That should pretty much tell you what you need to know about their BS plan spoiler it didn’t exist . This is the type of stuff you see in movies at this point .

  • Alexis Scarbrough 4 weeks ago

    Wtf? Go home and wait. Why are these old people ignoring how simple the internet is? Decided Self-punishment.
    America is being run by pretenders who seem to be surprised by how populated it really is.

  • Ihor Absent 4 weeks ago

    I think everyone expected rich would go first

  • Coco & Kiki 4 weeks ago

    Do you want vakakin or not ? 😂😂

  • Ikechukwu Obi 4 weeks ago

    They called me the “n” word 😭

  • Sanjana Raj 4 weeks ago

    They called me the “N”word. 😆🙁it’s okay Trevor we still love you

  • JRG2733 4 weeks ago

    In Florida, the elderly have no idea where, how, or when vaxes might be available. Zero communications from Disaster Desantis.

  • Joe C 4 weeks ago

    Electing dtard trump is a sign Americans haven’t learned squat from the past.

  • Alcantara 4 weeks ago

    Is it me or have comedy shows become “less funnier” since trump left.

  • Justin Tym 4 weeks ago

    Why is America’s vaccine distribution struggling?

    Because T****. is a sociopath who just wants to watch America burn

  • Steppenwolf We 4 weeks ago

    7:00 Trevor Noah sounds like a rw arguing against immigration.

  • Film Inspector 4 weeks ago


  • Sean Lai 4 weeks ago

    Americans, *facepalm*

  • Janko Ceesay 4 weeks ago

    To be honest I’m starting to miss DJT fi real Biden have take all our comedy this isn’t right #birngbackDonaldTrump

  • Stephen Nee 4 weeks ago

    In business if stupid or obvious mistakes are made, the motivation behind the failure is considered. Intentional?

  • Mr Man 4 weeks ago

    1940s through 1950s beetle years of america except for the racism and probably two other things I ain’t a maga I just say I like the aesthetic

  • King Carton 4 weeks ago

    The vaccine is gonna cost a mass murder✋✋😰😱😱😱😱😱

  • leroylem51 4 weeks ago

    More media fear porn to make you hysterical… Make that one less, you can have mine… So, far there’s not a shred of evidence that fake vaccine works or is even safe. Can’t sue anyone if you get a bad reaction. From the shot in the arm to the factory, no one is legally accountable for what it does to you. Definitely, you can have mine.


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