Why Does Kevin McCarthy Keep Going? | GOP Spins House Chaos As A Good Thing

Published on January 5, 2023

Stephen offers a theory about why Kevin McCarthy continues to subject himself to losing floor votes in his fight to become Speaker, and the Republican party wants you to think all this chaos is actually refreshing.
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  • fonnyjootball 11 months ago

    are repuglicans tired of “winning” yet?

  • pleasetakemecanada 11 months ago

    Has anyone ever noticed there aren’t any funny pro-republican comedians?

  • OmniMike 11 months ago

    Where is Jon Batiste?

  • ruth depew 11 months ago

    Delusion, thy name is Republican.

  • 3Mountains 11 months ago

    I’m guessing McCarthy will eventually be Speaker, but I’m really hoping some more sensible republicans make deals with the Democrats and vote Jeffries in as Speaker. Dems honor their deals, so the republicans will come out ahead. Republicans NEVER honor their deals so the new Speaker would have to be a Democrat. Win-win.

  • Kathypeach S 11 months ago

    They’re votin’ for speaker again……honey pack my crappin’ pants!

  • IaIaCthulhuFtagn 11 months ago

    So why exactly isn’t the person with the most votes (the democrat) able to be speaker?

  • Robert Sumhlei 11 months ago

    They should choose George Santos instead.

  • Elijahjsmith22 11 months ago

    I love Seeing these red morons obliterate each other.

  • mesocyclone2004 11 months ago

    Where is the oil portrait of the longest serving Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert?

  • Johns Hopkins 11 months ago

    What balls? Mccarthy never had any.

  • John Bernstein 11 months ago

    Simple. Dems aren’t in Charge Two years of having to play second fiddle,,,

  • kineticdeath 11 months ago

    almost every time he puts his name down for the speaker vote he seems to lose 1 less supporter. I guess he’ll keep going untill only the likes of mtg and gaetz are all thats left

  • Sir Tain Lee 11 months ago

    After seeing that AI portrait, I for one welcome our new AI overlords. This picture of Kevin Mc’s soul needs to go on display somewhere for all Amerikind to see.
    On a separate note, this is day 2 of my request for a musical satire of this ongoing drama using the classic, Frozen, including the song, “Let It Go, Let it Go! I never wanted it anyway. “

  • Defrormem Vita 11 months ago

    Thumbs down for promoting AI art.


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