Why Do Republicans Love Russia? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 25, 2022

Bill and his guests – Chloé Valdary and Bret Stephens – discuss why Russia is venerated by people who crave a less diverse world.

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  • Franco Cortez 2 years ago

    I wish he would also explore why Democrats love and protect China, who seem to be laying in bed with Russia.

  • FF Forsyth 2 years ago

    WTH Bill, we have been diametrically apposed to Russia for my entire life. You are way off on this one…Stay safe, and healthy.

  • jim mayors 2 years ago

    Republicans don’t “love” Russia! Where you getting that crap from? Republicans have _always_ seen Russia as our adversaries, particularly since the cold war. Respecting your foe is not loving them! Recognizing them for their shrewdness and cleverness is not admiring them. Acknowledging their prowess is not buddying up to them! And Republicans are not “white only” party. BS! You keep selling that nonsense mostly to corral the very people you are claiming to represent. The real “wokeness” is folks of color waking up to that misrepresentation!

  • J C 2 years ago

    Good Lord. Nobody thinks of electoral interference as whites helping whites.

    Bill is so frustrating sometimes.

  • Ghost X 2 years ago

    The real question is when did liberals become so gung ho about war???

  • donners304 2 years ago

    Those woke comments were idiotic! The Republicans like Russia because they have a common enemy and can help them achieve what they want, unchallenged power!!! A dictatorship for the bright orange idiot

  • meelash1 2 years ago

    Why da duck is this woman making her voice all manly?

  • Alex K 2 years ago

    Bill, hate to say it but you are ignorant. Russia is a very diverse country.

  • jay newman 2 years ago

    I start to like watching you then you go Head and say dumb stuff like this lol

  • Peter Angelo 2 years ago

    If republicans weren’t consumed by their own racism and stuck in their own bubbles for so many decades, they might actually be able to learn that the rest of the world ( minus Russia ) has evolved while they were going backwards. I don’t think republicans even know that Africa of all places is full of white people. So I’m really confused where they get this idea that the white race is in danger. So clearly what they mean by 0:40 “key to white survival” is preventing mixing of blood. FYI, we exit today because of mixing different blood you morons ( GOP ), humans can’t maintain their existence by mixing the same blood over and over again.

    Mixing blood with humans from other race and regions help with adaptability and the constant change in environment. Race is a social construct, because as far as I’m concerned, “race” labels are a thing created by humans to differentiate the types of humans that populates these planet, not these nonsense of weaponizing race to split the humans into social statues of who is better, that’s the sickness of the early royals & nobilities of the world. That even the early royals & nobles of the world came to an ugly realizations generations later of the dangers of mixing the same blood over and over again. It means extinction, and I’m seeing Darwin’s law playing out in the GOP right now. Because In the coming future full of viruses and environmental changes, these people will not survive it.

  • EchoFoxtrot2.0 2 years ago

    Did you really just ask such a stupid and generalized question, fueled by sheer political opposition-driven conjecture???

  • bhosterman 2 years ago

    Why do republicans love Russia? You mean, why do leftist straw man so much? Or project? Or just logical fallacy so much? This is history revisionism.

  • CatWhisperer 2 years ago

    Imagine if Ukraine was part of Nato and Russia would then had attacked. We had WW III on our hands. So what is the philosophy behind this alliance that ultimately might lead to a nuclear holocaust.

  • Richard Thornton 2 years ago

    Da fuq?


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