Why Did Trevor Grow Out His Hair? – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show | The Daily Show



  • DAVE Smith 10 months ago

    Why is this man still trying to cover up Hunter Biden and all of the Biden family candles?

  • asiaexpat62 10 months ago

    Functional hair, great idea.

  • Declan McArdle 10 months ago

    “With great hair comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben/TV man from the Samsung shop…

  • Embreis 10 months ago

    but doesn’t his current hairstyle demand a lot more time and care? quite a lot more? I imagine the short one barely needed any time at all. could be wrong. maybe someone with personal experience can elaborate

  • Naimul islam 10 months ago

    Trevor moves his tv a lot
    I wonder why 😂😂

  • S. J. 10 months ago

    I was hoping it was a statement in black solidarity and respect for the beauty of blackness. Afros are not traditionally accepted in professional arenas so it’s nice to see someone rock it publicly

  • Philipp Blum 10 months ago

    Don’t forget it just looks great 🙂

  • m j 10 months ago

    I like his hair I want it two love you Trevor

  • K. Lewis 10 months ago

    That’s Afro Power. Awesome 😎

  • Jason Lu 10 months ago

    For some inexplicable reason, I want to see Trevor attempt cornrows

  • Cinder Ella 10 months ago

    Trevor. I’m glad you are back looking like a professional with an audience But do you not not know Afro hair looks like poo? Jeeze! You ruin your total professional look. I had to stop following you. l could not stand the look. Yes, my hair may not be perfect when l cut it myself but it is certainly not a 60’s hairdo. Please reconsider. You can afford it my dear.
    A former top fan.

    I used to never stop talking about you. I learned so much & it was so great to laugh. Then l got so bored l had to give up my honey. If you were not so wealthy, you would not be chased by all the hottie girls. Reconsider your look, please. Thanks my dear friend.

  • Etruscan Civilization 10 months ago

    Trevor is so right in that a thick Afro head of hair can definitely protect your head better than straight thin hair and no hair at all. I remember one time some idiot “Clocked” me on back of the head with a beer bottle when I wore my very thick Afro hair and it saved my scalp from what would have been an unavoidable bruising or cutting. My beautiful thick Afro hair really did protect my delicate yellow/reddish/brown scalp 😊 Hooray for my “Afro Hair” the great scalp protector from unsuspecting beer bottle attacks from behind 😂

  • Carol Willis Simsak 10 months ago

    I have long hair because I didn’t cut (nor color) it for 2 years, and now I love it!

  • Day Dream 10 months ago

    The pandemic really brought out a lot of Afro hair

  • Perniculous 10 months ago

    So much better with an audience. Although I swear I read earlier on in the pandemic that he had no plans on getting a studio audience back ever.

  • carlos espinoza 10 months ago

    Did he went back to live audience?

  • D.S. Green 10 months ago

    As a bald man, I miss the warning sense of something about to hit my head. The first years were riddled with scraps from shelving etc.

  • S Wood 10 months ago

    I think Trevor’s hair looks great. I really think the afro looks nice on him. I am glad to see he has not cut it, yet.

  • inexkecible 10 months ago

    ah sukawena!

  • don`t be afraid to disappoint 10 months ago

    Never cut that priceless part of visual personality and that thermos effect on your head is also priceless.


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