Why did a tennis legend come after Greg Gutfeld?

Published on September 9, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • Old Salt 2 years ago

    Martina is just a school girl looking for some action.

  • Todd 2 years ago

    Because she needs public exposure now that nobody pays any attention to her anymore !!

  • Brian Mouland 2 years ago

    Think Marty mixed him up with Steven Colbert

  • Robert Hale 2 years ago

    Martina speaks her mind. She bashed Andre Agassi for using drugs. She comes from that old school women’s rights school, you know the one that brought on title 9 and ruined American men’s tennis.

  • T JIZZLE 2 years ago


  • Oh no he did it 2 years ago

    Who cares. She is a sports athlete nothing more. Deport her we have enough tennis players here no need for more

  • Gumshoe Beaumont 2 years ago

    Gotta love GG…… and he really does speak the truth about certain things that no one wants to speak about ……… because they’re true. Single guys ( like me these days) are generally happy people for a variety of reasons. Single women are generally un happy for a variety of reasons but mostly because they cannot find a good man. If you’re name is tlaib and you’ll take anything that represents a male, bi pedal hominid and there’s still no takers ( not even from the zoo) ….. you’re terminally pissed.
    Lesbians are in a different category. Personally I have not met one that meets the happy criteria and we all know the reason. As soon as you mention the word “family” it defines a boy and a girl and the by product of that mix which is teeny weeny little boys and girls. Mention God Almighty as an integral part of the family and you’ve got herds of blue haired wildebeast, screaming, lighting their hair on fire and raiding doughnut shops across the country in protest. Martina has always wanted a traditional family and doesn’t have one….. and now she’s old and pissed.

  • Steve Huntley 2 years ago

    ‘Cause he looks GREAT in those shorts!

  • We need angels 2 years ago

    What a petty woman

  • Patricia Cox 2 years ago

    Boy that’s pretty big word for a Russian never cared for her at all so she hasn’t got much to say

  • Patricia Cox 2 years ago

    Boot licking Democrat

  • A Springall 2 years ago

    It’s cunts like gutfeld that makes sensible people sick

  • grittystupid 2 years ago

    This is why Greg is the king!

  • Carol Harris 1 year ago

    Martina can’t handle the truth.


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