Why China Is In Africa – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show



  • Jon Mintz 1 year ago

    Call it like it is.

  • Kyïv stuff 1 year ago

    It’s called neocolonialism and Western countries have been doing it since they officially renounced the traditional colonialism in the 50-60s.

  • Chin Chin 1 year ago

    The iphone and Tesla factories in China are running by Americans.
    Anyone doesnt like China is free to not sign a contract with Chinese investment.
    USA can loan money to poor countries instead of drone strike them.

  • Sizzla212 MAne 1 year ago

    China is not the only country with their hands all in Africa. Every major power on the planet exploits them without penalty.

  • Namugalu Iryn 1 year ago

    Sorry guys that would have been a better quality if I had money but I didn’t want to get a loan from China

  • Boss 2002 1 year ago

    This to me is kinda wrong man.

  • kreative Oras 1 year ago

    Dear Africans please start learning mandarine becos thats going to be official language of Africa pretty soon if you all dont start holding your leaders accountable.

  • rex j 1 year ago

    Also accusations on the infrastructure projects: I thought a deal works well only when it benefits both parties. But sounds like the only right thing China can do is to donate millions of dollars to African countries, and let the African countries to hire local contractors of their choice.

  • cycoklr 1 year ago

    It’s an old game that China has been playing in other Southeast Asian countries. The Philippines have millions of Chinese nationals working in the gambling industry.  (POGOs) is the official designation for firms operating in the Philippines which offer online gambling services to markets outside the Philippines. Gambling is illegal in China, so they look for other countries that will support the industry to benefit the Chines government and citizens.

  • Devo Jah 1 year ago

    Hi Trevor

  • Federigo de la zion 1 year ago

    Come on China, Just leave that place along
    no one, including it’s own #TrevorNoah, cares about the place
    let the US do its job, lend money to Africans and change their governments when necessary, oh and send imbecile celebrities to take pictures with starving toddlers

    now let’s move on to another topic pls

  • 3/4 of an inch of brain 1 year ago

    Chinan started the take over of Africa with the destruction of Rhodesia and they have not stopped since that time.
    I was not asleep I did see what they were doing back then china does not have a 5 or 20 year plan like most countries they have a 500 year plan its all mapped out.
    Nothing anyone can do now 60 or 70 years to late to try and stop this so just roll with it.

  • ATSS Agency 1 year ago

    Best episode ever!

  • Chigozie Nwankwo 1 year ago

    Can’t the Ugandan government look inwards and raise money, so many natural resources, and not just Uganda, my country Nigeria is borrowing at record speed from China, the people’s outcry about the loans falls on deaf ears of the government, as long as the sludge funds keeps rolling in and they keep stealing it….The annoying thing is that sometimes or most times, after getting the loans, the contract is given to a Chinese company like CCECC, the Chinese government owned company….

  • skycat04 1 year ago

    They are trying to do the same thing in Hungary and Serbia…

  • Ema Love 1 year ago

    Lies… Pure lies by Americans. I hate this kind of filthy propaganda orchestrated by CIA. What did America does to Africa other than neocolonialism in a name of aid/USAID. China started at least involved in infrastructure building.

  • ATSS Agency 1 year ago

    I finally subscribed

  • Kasujja Musa 1 year ago

    😂😂😂😂😂Great content 👌

  • Fran B 1 year ago

    Oh dear, America, we have to get our social studies education from entertainment outlets because otherwise we just won’t pay attention. *sigh* Well, I guess we should be glad you’ve taken this on, Trevor, thank you.


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