Why Aren’t People More Worried About Climate Change? | The Daily Show

Published on May 4, 2019

Roy Wood Jr. sits down with author Dan Gardner about why humans just can’t seem to viscerally care about the effects of climate change.



  • Nicola Ablett 1 year ago

    The high road
    and the low road

  • Meh Jones 1 year ago

    Roy is THE BEST! Only he could make climate change funny

  • Stan Lee 1 year ago

    Haizzz.. no way to stop, unless after WW3

  • Jay Dub 1 year ago

    Simple, Ignorant

  • Anthony Ardillo 1 year ago

    Perfect bit ?

  • Zikry Shaharudin 1 year ago

    4:23 so it’s possible that polar bear costume…

    Wasn’t white from the start…

  • Oluwa Hefner 1 year ago

    This shit is getting fucking annoying. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ? Me an individual. Wtf do you expect me as a person to do when there are governments that don’t give a shit and are the ones which have caused industrys to disregard their enviromental harm on the world. Tell people HOW to help ,we fucking get it. Climate change has been brought up for decades now.

  • Tiny Whiny 1 year ago

    The rest of the world is , you Muricans are just to self centered to care.

  • Michelle Burkholder 1 year ago

    80 degrees in Seattle next week. No climate change here. It used to be cloudy and cool on the 4th of July. Going to be another hot dry smoke filled summer in the PNW. I think about it all the time. We’re screwed. Its because we could not love anything but our own selfishness.

  • Virginia B. Britton 1 year ago

    The Republicans don’t believe their own eyes, they are waiting to die and go to heaven.

  • Mahir Shahriyar 1 year ago

    Hahaha so conservatives have the “cavemen” part of their brain active all the time right???

  • David Pirtle 1 year ago

    It’s not sophisticated at all. People don’t change their behavior, because they don’t want to.

  • DragTV 1 year ago

    So basically , people who understand and worried about Climate Change, are majority Einsteins , but the ones who don’t are caveman?
    Why didn’t you go ahead and say this ? Oh right because people would be offended if you said to em ” You use your caveman brain! Be smart please!”

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Yeah people really should take this seriously. I wonder if maybe a simulation to teach people about the results of climate change would work?

  • N N 1 year ago

    All the libtards need to realize climate change is a hoax

  • Juan don 1 year ago

    Climate change is a hoax

  • Rage Raptor 1 year ago

    We as humans were built to be afraid of emmidiate threats with sharp teeth and claws. A slow gradual decade long death isnt as immidiate as it needs to be for us to fear it.

  • Joseph Stine 1 year ago

    cuz we cant do anything about it…..forces in the solar system & galaxy are much more powerful then how we care for earth…..weather manipulization and weaponization are in the control of the elite….so….dont worry be happy!

  • Sabah s 1 year ago

    Planting trees can’t save us anymore https://youtu.be/dBviC797sTk

  • C470 1 year ago

    Nerf rival flamethrower


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