Why Are Young Americans Embracing Socialism? | The Daily Show



  • Bon Scott 2 weeks ago

    All the trump loving farmers of america hate socialism.😉

  • Malik Ibi 2 weeks ago

    Because they are dumb, and know nothing about geopolitics and economy.
    Done. End of the video.

    The conversation should be “socialism polices”, not “socialism state”; but again, that requiere knowledge.

  • Vernon Hector 2 weeks ago

    “prosperous times” for who lady? you and your big money pals?

  • caSSiuS ebankS 2 weeks ago

    It’s going in the white house basement

  • Chantel Arthur 2 weeks ago

    😂😂🤣🤣🤣 love this. I FEEL THE BERN 😂🤣

  • SpaceTime Podcast 2 weeks ago

    Bernie is still a dad!

  • V. Giardes 2 weeks ago

    If Bernie Sanders could run with AOC as his vice president that would be a millenials wet dream 😝

  • Tg R 2 weeks ago

    Noooooo please no socialism

  • Grey Bear 2 weeks ago

    When you were already enjoying the video, but it got 2x better 1:24

  • Paula Crichlow 2 weeks ago

    Wow…just Wow

  • John Shirley 2 weeks ago

    Socialism comes from a good place but it is not practical by any stretch of the imagination. It will work for the first few years until the funds dry up. After that point it plays out pretty much the same as it always has across every country that’s tried it. Learn from history, don’t repeat it’s mistakes

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe 2 weeks ago

    Move to Scandinavia. We are fine here. Its social democracy and it works. Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  • N Marrs 2 weeks ago

    Your grandfather was killed by a authoritarian dictator in a communist nation not a democratic socialist nation. This constant on slaughter of misinformation is the problem. Stop drinking the cool-aid.

  • Zhe German 2 weeks ago

    How did the left in America accept that anything except the current US system is Socialism? Scandinavia and the rest of Europe are NOT Socialist!!! The core of socialism is state ownership of the means of production, which is not the case here. Public services like healthcare are not socialism!

  • Guillaume Pigeard 2 weeks ago

    So depressing to see people so ignorant about basic concepts like communism vs socialism, or why having a socialist government doesn’t automatically make it authoritarian… And basic knowledge like what “social democracy” is, and why US is the only developed country who hasn’t embraced social democracy… And no, the rest of the first world is not falling into poverty or sent to gulags…

  • TubezTheOne 2 weeks ago

    It’s funny how the people that are against socialism, including the chick that lives in the Soviet Union, basically described it as a dictatorship that seemingly kept everyone at the bottom, when that’s not at all what any millennial is talking about.

  • Maija Whelan 2 weeks ago

    As a young person I like socialism because in a supposedly free country I have no rights once I enter my workplace. I generate large amounts of profit for my boss and can’t afford groceries. I have no say in how goods are produced, how long I work, when, and how much of the share of profits I receive. This is not only harmful to my economic, physical and emotional well-being. It’s also completely inefficient.

  • Aaron Friedman 2 weeks ago

    This kid isnt funny.

  • Jasmin Berlin 2 weeks ago

    Its not socialism. Its still capitalism with a few Social Democratic Policies. How often do you need the rest of the world to tell you that.

  • Lady Flores 2 weeks ago

    The problem is equality, not sharing. People want to feel they are better than others.


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