Why Are Republicans Obsessed with Pedophilia? | Real Time with Maher (HBO)



  • Orrin Gould 10 months ago

    It’s a new McCarthy all over again.

  • William Jones 10 months ago

    The Bible is filled with stories about “great” kings and prophets who loved the little children, perhaps a bit too much, and usually at the behest of the “lord” their “god”.

  • Woody Wood 10 months ago

    Mangie Traitor Greene is right. If you don‘t denounce pedophiles, then you is one, just as if you don‘t denounce white supremacy, you is a stone cold stinkin‘ Nazi.

  • JF Baker 10 months ago

    Republicans have nothing to offer except fear? Fear, really? Coming from a democrat, pretty hard to take seriously.

  • Craig Goetsch 10 months ago

    The Left and Right balance each other.
    The Right’s “obsession” with Pedophilia, is a response to the Left’s “obsession” with Racism.
    Both are a catch-all delegitimizers.

  • Toni Coffee 10 months ago

    America is going to be fucked if the REPUBLICANS take power again!

  • Steve S 10 months ago

    It’s the new “When will you stop hitting your wife?” It can’t be denied or defended.

  • Alfred Nueman 10 months ago

    “My pedophile across the aisle” A great song lyric.

  • Simon C 10 months ago

    The fact that a 4chan gag essentially screwed your entire country is quite hilarious.

  • J S 10 months ago

    It’s not an obsession stemming from the political right — it’s the fact that the left wants to ignore and forgive the most evil unforgivable act in existence

  • Dyn Jarren 10 months ago

    The Republicans are not obsessed with pedophilia. They are obsessed with stopping Pedophilia.

    Which is being passed by the radical left as acceptable.
    It’s not.

    Sex Island by Epstein was visited by Prince Edward and Bill Clinton. Elitists. Rich liberals. Who think they are above any laws or morals.

  • TGS 10 months ago

    Meanwhile… Former Trump aide, RNC operative, and “pro-life” activist Ruben Verastigui has just been sentenced to 12+ years in prison for child porn. He posted about how the sexual abuse of babies is his “absolute favorite.”

  • Shain Henson 10 months ago

    Defending groomers? Someones obsessed with doing.

  • Extra Mile 10 months ago

    Saying anyone is Obsessed with Pedophilia one of the most heinous of criminal acts is like saying why is the Democratic party Obsessed with Trump.

  • B X 10 months ago

    Bill Maher brings up a great point though… Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Dershowitz (remember a Democrat who suddenly turned to being pro-Trump, isn’t that bizarre?) .. These are criminals and they got a pass… Trump’s Secretary of Labor was it? Wasn’t he the one who let Epstein OFF with a light sentence??? Like why isn’t Dershowitz disbarred and stripped of his Yale degree?? He’s a clown who supports Trump now.

  • Colin Killian 10 months ago

    Canon? No, it’s because we’ve seen institutions from teachers unions to corporate entities trying to push for sexual education for K-3rd grade children..

  • jennybugsification13 10 months ago

    Genital obsessed…. been saying it for years 🤷‍♀️

  • Jane Powers 10 months ago

    Hmmm, the republicans methinks thou dost protest too much..


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