Why Are Republicans Obsessed with Pedophilia? | Real Time with Maher (HBO)



  • William Jones 1 year ago

    The Bible is filled with stories about “great” kings and prophets who loved the little children, perhaps a bit too much, and usually at the behest of the “lord” their “god”.

  • JF Baker 1 year ago

    Republicans have nothing to offer except fear? Fear, really? Coming from a democrat, pretty hard to take seriously.

  • Craig Goetsch 1 year ago

    The Left and Right balance each other.
    The Right’s “obsession” with Pedophilia, is a response to the Left’s “obsession” with Racism.
    Both are a catch-all delegitimizers.

  • Toni Coffee 1 year ago

    America is going to be fucked if the REPUBLICANS take power again!

  • Alfred Nueman 1 year ago

    “My pedophile across the aisle” A great song lyric.

  • Simon C 1 year ago

    The fact that a 4chan gag essentially screwed your entire country is quite hilarious.

  • Shain Henson 1 year ago

    Defending groomers? Someones obsessed with doing.

  • Extra Mile 1 year ago

    Saying anyone is Obsessed with Pedophilia one of the most heinous of criminal acts is like saying why is the Democratic party Obsessed with Trump.

  • B X 1 year ago

    Bill Maher brings up a great point though… Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Dershowitz (remember a Democrat who suddenly turned to being pro-Trump, isn’t that bizarre?) .. These are criminals and they got a pass… Trump’s Secretary of Labor was it? Wasn’t he the one who let Epstein OFF with a light sentence??? Like why isn’t Dershowitz disbarred and stripped of his Yale degree?? He’s a clown who supports Trump now.

  • Colin Killian 1 year ago

    Canon? No, it’s because we’ve seen institutions from teachers unions to corporate entities trying to push for sexual education for K-3rd grade children..

  • Jane Powers 1 year ago

    Hmmm, the republicans methinks thou dost protest too much..


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