Why Are Black Women Voters Leaning Toward Joe Biden? | The Daily Show

Published on May 3, 2019

Dulcé Sloan floats a theory about why black women seem to be supporting Joe Biden despite the diverse spread of candidates on the Democrats’ side.



  • Brennen Carter 11 months ago

    The CNN poll only takes account for people aged 50+

  • M. King 11 months ago

    “Now you’re gettin it, dimple dick!”

  • land Zwarriors 11 months ago

    Polling was manuplated by focusing on older people and Bernie had the support of the young

  • Rethabile Jelele 11 months ago

    I think I get it though, I mean better the devil you know right?

  • Don M 11 months ago

    Because they enjoy propping up easy targets for Trump

  • Alias Anybody 11 months ago

    That poll was absolute crap btw. If you primarily ask people over 65 no sh*t “Uncle Joe” will win by a huge margin.

  • kyle robinson 11 months ago

    Are we descrimimatimg against age now ? Crazy how they are painting Biden as Obama 2.0 when Biden is trying to distance himself. I wish Daily Show would just Express their political
    Veiw and not try to hide it in the news.

  • Crystal McQuerry 11 months ago

    Almost lost it… y’all are crazy.

  • D. Gaines 11 months ago

    I’m a black woman and i’m either voting for Beto or Harris.

  • Abel Theo 11 months ago

    Dulcé was such a good hire. That crowd should’ve been laughing harder.

  • Andrew Stout 11 months ago

    The Daily Show now a part of corporate media pushing Biden over Sanders by using CNN’s bullshit poll that oversampled old people and that poll didn’t even ask about Bernie. This is an obvious attempt to lie with numbers without showing you the methodology behind the polls. It’s an outlier from literally every poll but they’re going to push it like no other poll exists. No one wants Hillary 2.0. He’s historically terrible when it comes to race issues, he was once against ending school desegregation while Bernie Sanders was marching with M.L.K. Joe Biden embraces the shit system that gave us Trump in the first place. Fuck him and his centrist, limp dick Democrat style, it isn’t what is going to beat Trump. I swear, the establishment Democrats would rather loose to Trump than Bernie Sanders because he actually wants to reform the party into one for the working class again as we currently don’t have much of any representation in our own government. And that terrifies the Democrats who are bought out and rely on big dollar donations from corporations.

  • Camillia Stomsvic 11 months ago

    History keeps repeating itself! Dont do this to Bernie he is far more worthy

  • Moloch 11 months ago

    Biden sucks, vote Bernie 2020!

  • Tavi22 11 months ago

    Um Andrew Yang is looking pretty good with his policies. Can we not pick people just because they’re familiar ?.

  • Dejay Rezme 11 months ago

    Man Trevor SUCKS on the politics side. He’s funny, but Jon Steward would have pissed all over this centrist corporatist. If Biden gets nominated, Trump wins. He sucks as much as Hillary.
    I miss Jon Steward.

  • Landy A. 11 months ago

    those CNN polls didn’t even include Millennials and Gen X

  • Friso van Gruijthuijsen 11 months ago

    I am for Pete.

  • Nina AF 11 months ago

    She’s absolutely right. Was Biden loved when he was VP? Not particularly. The US hooked up with him for years, decided they wanted a change, went on a few… confusing… dates with Trump, got tired, and figure: Biden may not have been fabulous dick, but at least we won’t be guessing. Familiar dick. It’s a real thing.

  • Antonio Montana 11 months ago

    Real Facts!

  • mundhir abdirahman 11 months ago

    Just for the record, Trevor is endorsing Joe.


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