Why Alicia Keys Decided To Make Her First Holiday Album, ‘Santa Baby’

Published on December 9, 2022

Stephen’s interview with Alicia Keys continues with a chat about the songs on her new album, and what inspired her to get into the Christmas music game. Stick around for two performances from Alicia Keys, and check out the album which is available now!
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  • Jin Perez 1 year ago

    How the heck does she looks 20 still? Wow gorgeous

  • Renee Kadlubek 1 year ago

    Smthg significant with Belinda Carlisle

  • Don Quarnstrom 1 year ago

    playing any christmas music before December 11th and after December 25th should be punishable by imprisonment.

  • Jan 1 year ago

    I’m gettin that album!!! Hey Stephen…there is plenty of time left for Christmas shopping, you can do it!

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 1 year ago

    Stephen Colbert alicia keys decided make her first holiday album awesomeness job interview

  • KC Nwokoye 1 year ago

    Gorgeous Alicia

  • breakshot74 1 year ago

    as i held her first cd in my hands ,over 20 years ago, i almost couldn t handle how beautiful she looked on that cover. all this years later not aged a day

  • Heywood Jabuzoff 1 year ago

    Answer to the title: The same reason anyone makes a Christmas album – perennial $ales$ forever.

  • Cyle Koehler 1 year ago

    Songs in the Key(s) of Life

  • Peggy Street 1 year ago

    She made me laugh when she said, “You can play it by the fire!” lol! Those of us that live in an apartment don’t have a fireplace! Hey, we can put on the Yule Log!

  • Jason Cameron Marone 1 year ago

    We need that Stevie Wonder tribute album!!

  • Iroxinping 1 year ago

    i would love to see Alicia Keys collab with Akdong Musician (AKMU)

  • Fix News 1 year ago

    Thought she was taking a stand against makeup?

  • Wahn Yoon 1 year ago

    Why? Because money, that’s why. It’s the reason why any respectable artist would put out a Christmas album, other than possibly Mariah Carey who seems to be genuinely obsessed with the holiday. That said I am totally buying Alicia’s Xmas album, who am I kidding.

  • Jason Christopher 1 year ago

    Songs in the key of life might just be the greatest album of all time but Alicia might be the one person who could pull off a remake.

  • Uthman Baksh 1 year ago

    If you need a quick pick me up, just listen to any song by Alicia Keys!

  • Monica posada 1 year ago

    I love him even more my 2 favorite Artist stopped by Mariah Carey and Alicia keys


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