Whoopi Goldberg’s Big Sister Act News Broke the Internet

Published on November 12, 2019

Whoopi Goldberg talks about putting her own unique twist on hosting guests and her return to the stage for Sister Act.

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  • Brother Mine 8 months ago

    Whoopi needs a smartphone app to remind her occasionally to look at its photos.

  • Minzy 8 months ago

    Growing up, Sister Act was one of the two acceptably entertaining vhs’s at my grandma’s house. I absolutely adore that movie! fun for all ages!!!!!

  • The devil Made me do it 8 months ago

    I very much doubt that announcing sister act being a play on stage in England “broke the internet” even in England

  • ProjectFlashlight612 8 months ago

    The Color Purple was a fine movie. Beautifully shot. Very boring, but not as boring as Lincoln or Amistad. Historic, in that it it gained twelve Oscar noms, and did not win a single one, which remains a record.

  • Travel Enthusiast 8 months ago

    Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t age ? Her new Sister Act movie will be spectacular!!! They should bring back, if possible, as much as the old cast from both movies as possible. ???

  • chukabucka 8 months ago

    Whoopi is a loveable powerhouse

  • Pixel_Geist 8 months ago

    sister act was the movie that was playing during “movie night” (the last night of Navy bootcamp).
    we finally got to drink a soda after 2 months and eat popcorn.
    the next morning I graduated and went on leave for 2 weeks before shipping out.

  • Sairin13 8 months ago

    Granny Guinan is still so great.

  • Larry Cabz 8 months ago

    whoopi has to play the Abbess by now. Dame Maggie Smith can be a consultin abbess…XD

  • Christopher Nelson 8 months ago

    Good bad indifferent I still respect and love her

  • Kurt Pollock 8 months ago

    “our nuns are fun”
    Whoopi 2019

  • Regina Peet 8 months ago

    True Legend, #whoopi !

  • Tarot guidance queen 8 months ago

    Why do they take so long to make sequels?? ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  • Eric Hill 8 months ago

    I love her

  • Kags _ 8 months ago

    I’d love to be able to say “ok boomer” but i’m over here goin “ok… ok! ok boomer!”

  • David Castro 8 months ago

    We can rock this place, again! Mom and I loved the movie; and Whoopi, you are the truth.

  • Betty Smith 8 months ago

    Absolutely loved her in the Color Purple ❤️

  • James Johnson 8 months ago

    She is terrific. Glad she is returning to Sister Act. Would also love to see her do stand up again. Agism is terrible and I am glad she is speaking out against it.

  • Angel Wessel 8 months ago

    I still have my 1st and only Troll Doll. Her/His markings are “Dam” on its upper back. My daughter born 1990 got the remakes with colored hair etc. They were larger than my petite troll. I still have her.. 53 yrs?

  • Michael Alexander 8 months ago

    Me and whoopi are twins i have the same feelings and thoughts except i am not famous and don’t have money like her


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