Who Wants To Be Virginia’s Governor?

Published on February 7, 2019

The Governor of Virginia is in hot water. The guy who’s next in line to the governorship is, too. And the next guy.

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  • Roger Edwards 2 years ago

    And shouldn’t the medical school and yearbook committee also be held accountable?

  • GhostBX 718 2 years ago

    Why do white people hate black people so much ?? What did weeverdonto you. Can one of you white supremist answer.

  • Simone 2 years ago

    Seems like Virginia is in good hands, I mean there people are obviously competent at what they do :3

  • cthulpiss 2 years ago

    Can I ask someone more Murican then me (soooo…… anybody living across the pond) when “blackface” became racist?

  • Анастасия 2 years ago

    You’ve lost your collective minds as a nation if you punish competent adults for the silly acts they committed as teen-agers. (c)

  • Golden W 2 years ago

    To be a governor in any part of America, you must learn the family values.

  • Jon Rosenlof 2 years ago

    And what’s in Colbert’s past?

  • Crazy Diamond 2 years ago

    Between this and Charlottesville, it’s apparent Virginia isn’t actually for lovers…

  • DRSNova 2 years ago

    Sure, have him resign for doing something like that 35 years ago. So much easier than asking the questions – was he racist those last 35 years? And is he racist *now*?

    The only people that should have to be acountable for something they did *that* long ago are murderers and rapists. You know, *actual* bad people.

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation 2 years ago

    $1,000,000 if you LIKE this COMMENT by no later than 12:00 EST midnight on Valentines Day 2019!! 😉

  • Mick Slater 2 years ago

    As always brilliant

  • Steven William Bayless Parks 2 years ago

    The horror of American slavery has never been truly taught in schools or universities, so many people think it’s funny to trivialize it. The Virginia cotton and tobacco planters were among the worst oppressors. They should take down all Confederate statues and prohibit the Confederate flag, which are offensive to human dignity.

  • pixiniarts 2 years ago

    Talking of revolting…Northam? That photo was taken in 1984. 35 fucking years ago. Since 1992, Northam has been a pediatric neurologist at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. His clinical interests are in epilepsy and neuromuscular disorders. But that just counts for NOTHING because of a year book photo taken when he was 25 somehow proves he is a lifelong evil racist.
    When I was 14 I stole a chocolate bar so now despite never stealing since then I’m a bloody kleptomaniac.
    Folks we have hit a point where you better not fuck up or do anything stupid at any point during your life because it will hang over your head like a the fucking wrath of god.

  • Floergie 2 years ago

    I have to admit i’m not american and therefore don’t really follow what happens in individual states but I’m confused…
    The AG told that he made a mistake almost 40 Years ago which wasn’t public knowlegde and apologized immediately, saying how ridiculous it was in hindsight?

    …isn’t that what you want to happen? – you cannot turn back time. He didn’t hide it or tried to argue his way out of it. Isn’t this a good example of how to act in such a situation?

  • My Grandpa Says He's D.B. Cooper 2 years ago

    I … I don’t know, man. It slowly became ridiculous. If I dress as a character who has black hair, I don’t, I put on a black wig. If I’m a fan of, let’s say Shaft, I wanna go as Shaft to a costume party, but I’m a white dude, how stupid would it be to dress like him without brown make up. Shit, now I’m racist. Fuck that. It’s not like I paint my face black with fat white lips and a bone in my hair, man. It’s always: “the color of somebodys skin doesn’t matter” bla bla bla. And, yeah, it doesn’t. So why is everybody so fuckin’ fired up about shit like this? Or pretends to be. I bet secretly nobody really gives a shit and most people complaining are white. It’s like when this idiot Spike Lee complains about the use of the you-know-word in Django Unchained. Stupid. Ain’t it possible that I dress as a black character because I love the character and not because I’m a racist? Geez…

  • Point Dexter 2 years ago

    I really don’t give a rats ass about people that have done Black face decades ago. It’s tacky but not illegal. Let’s focus on what they are doing now. Have they grown? Everybody has done something stupid in their youth. Only a liar would say otherwise.

  • Blanca Blanco 2 years ago

    For goodness’ sake! The guy loves Michael Jackson! Black music. Black dance moves. So much that he dared to dress as a Negro in the 80s! In Virginia! More gutsy yet, we have here a white dude proud that he can do Michael’s moon walk dance. How racist! Bless his heart.

  • Niklas Wassermann 2 years ago

    3 things I don’t get here – one: What exactly is the issue with wearing black, white, red or yellow face in general? I genuinely don’t see the racism in that, especially if you’re trying to portray an actual person of that skin colour, short of wearing a mask it just seems the only option to do so. I wouldn’t give 2 shits if someone black, brown, caramel or purple wore a white face, and I wouldn’t think to disrespect anyone of any skin colour for said skin colour. It’s a costume, not a burning cross (KKK outfit is iffy, but I’ll get back to that later).

    Second, who here or anywhere can claim not to have done some stupid and offensive shit in their teenage years? Demanding perfection in the past is quite stupid in my opinion, given that it a) just isn’t likely to find qualified (or any) candidates that way and b) it diminishes the fact that people can, in fact, change for the better.

    And third, costumes are about having fun and potentially making fun of things. Assuming anything other than that they were making fun of Klansmen by putting on a costume like that without knowing the actual context is just wrong.

    If you want to judge someone in politics, try and do it by current statements and his actual policies, not some 20 year old bullshit.

  • J K 2 years ago

    Hey I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we all get over being self-righteous!? This was a dumb 19 year old in 1980. 19 years old! Keep this up and all you’ll have are Republicans in office. And that’s only because they are STILL doing blackface, at 60, in 2019, and see nothing wrong with that.

  • Adam Lord 2 years ago

    Shalom! Jon was priceless in this segment


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