Who Is Stephen Colbert?

Published on September 29, 2015

There has been a lot of speculation in the media on who “the real Stephen Colbert” is, so Stephen set out to answer the question for himself… whoever himself is.

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  • drivic 5 years ago

    It’s like watching a fortune teller at work, Jesus Christ that women and
    the test are pathetic.

    Great clip, though, I missed these”outdoors exposing stupidity” kind of
    Maybe in time we’ll even get Better Know a District back.

  • DeadHeroOrAliveVillain 1019 5 years ago

    J. R. R. Tolkien was also an INFP

  • Quaint Deliveries 5 years ago

    Okay, so I’m googling the Briggs-Meyers Personality Test in 3-2-1…

  • Jonty Ferraz 5 years ago

    fucking unskippeble ads

  • jamakasis18 5 years ago

    #TeamINTJ, peasants.

  • Dani Porfirio 5 years ago

    It’s a shame I can’t watch this show where I live, it looks super cool. I’m
    INFP too, and it’s funny how people can be so similar and yet so different.
    His reactions to some of the things were pretty similar to mine xD

  • Dyonysos Larson 5 years ago


  • Jason Corral 5 years ago

    INFPs unite!

  • Paul Ramos 5 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon should be tested that way to see for himself if he’s still
    funny or already faking it.

  • fedos 5 years ago

    Meyers Briggs is bupkis, no better than astrology. It’s based on a
    misunderstanding of a disproved theory of psychology.

  • shitty username 5 years ago

    how is stephen and introvert are you kidding me

  • Blindblondephd 5 years ago

    UGH. No personality psychologist uses the MBTI anymore. Why, Stephen, why?

  • Taylan Ertan 5 years ago

    Holy shit I got INFP as well ! O.o

  • jas16899 5 years ago


  • John Mulligan 5 years ago

    It’s funny that he asked what personality he needs to appeal to the 18-30
    yr old demographic becase he’s crushed Fallon so far in that category.

  • Boekje 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbert impersonating a t-rex!

  • MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal 5 years ago

    INTJ master race

  • James Rook 5 years ago

    Maybe hes an ENFP. I suspect he might not have done the test properly…

  • Michael W 5 years ago

    “I got lost in your teeth there…for a second” hahaha I’m stealing that.

  • Chad Aranzaso 5 years ago

    this really reminds me of the colbert report. it’s like he never changed

  • MiddayCoffee 5 years ago

    Most people like using letter dichotomies for their MBTI (socially
    introverted people MUST be an I!), but I’ve always considered it much more
    precise to look at cognitive functions, which is what we see here. I’m
    pretty socially introverted, but my dominant Ne makes the E in my ENTP.
    Granted, we are often mistaken for INTJ’s because of our introverted
    tendencies, so I get that. Bottom line is, don’t let a test determine who
    you are as a human being. MBTI is really just bare bones stuff to build on.

  • InvaderBrad 5 years ago

    The eye roll after the Ryan Seacrest comment made me almost spit out my

  • Yurriaan Van Duyn 5 years ago

    Buzzfeed are n*ggers. #SouthParkReference

  • heyyouassbutt 5 years ago

    I’m an INFP too! Hell yeah!

  • per_rosa 5 years ago

    im an infj i am so close

  • Reymond St. James 5 years ago

    Holy crap, Stephen Colbert’s using Quadrophenia!

  • David Russell (Heydavidr) 5 years ago

    Myers Briggs

  • Jake Cerra 5 years ago

    Would you say that we are seeing the results of

    “The Colbert Report” ?

  • Reid Russom 5 years ago

    I’m an INFP too!!

  • Rejean Sarcos 5 years ago

    Better Know A Stephen Colbert.

  • Tom Crotty 5 years ago

    I just did a Myers-Briggs test and got INFP, we’re bros, Steve <3

  • Jessie Fant 5 years ago

    This is SO funny. The best bit from Late Show so far!!!!!!

  • Hana Graciella 5 years ago

    go infps!!!! im an infp too!!!

  • Ze Steve 5 years ago

    took the test got ISTJ, still the same when I was in high school lol

  • Bos La Moss 5 years ago

    “Stephen Colbert doesn’t really have a personality that I know of”.
    *facepalm*. Really dude? Can we file this one under “Stupid things news
    anchors say when they have to go off script”?

  • Hannah K 5 years ago

    I’m INFP too!!!

  • Nick zap 5 years ago

    This was a pure Colbert Report segment at its finest. I love seeing hints
    of the character pop up during interviews and skits

  • 777scubadiver 5 years ago

    Ms Gross has a wonderful sense of humor. She’s playing it straight, while
    Colbert is trying to crack jokes.

  • Mike Stavenes 5 years ago

    That’s surprising in a good way…I’m an INFP too. ;-)

  • KriegsMeister27 5 years ago

    That julie has a LOT of patience

  • Mohammed El-Gamal 5 years ago

    it’s those subtle moments that separate the good comedians from the greats.
    at 6:55 when she asks him “would ppl describe you as impatient or a
    procrastinator?” Within a mili second he impatiently asks her if he can
    procrastinate his answer. A true improv genius.

  • Carlos Villa Romero 5 years ago

    Hahaha fuck you Julie!

  • akaElleLatham 5 years ago

    I’m an INFP too. So cool. :)

  • RHCPFitz 5 years ago

    Probably the best segment he’s done so far

  • franka91 5 years ago

    im an extrovert in the streets but an introvert in the sheets lmao

  • Daniel Lluvioso 5 years ago

    featuring pitbull. hahahaha

  • Dumb Guys Talk About Smart Stuff 5 years ago

    I don’t know who I am

  • JohnnyLeven 5 years ago

    She didn’t mention that Tolkien is an INFP! Colbert would have loved that.

  • Rumor Has It TV 5 years ago

    I’m an INFP too! :D

  • Clara Martinez 5 years ago

    I’m an INFP too!!

  • fredrikstadtilian 5 years ago

    “…I’m an extrovert in the streets, but an introvert in the sheets.If you
    know what I mean…” hahaha, I’m dying.

  • Personality Growth 5 years ago

    We are one of the few sites to correctly type him as INFP! Most sites typed
    Colbert as ENTP.

  • mjuklo5 5 years ago

    yayy, i’m the same personality as stephen :D!

  • William Audet 5 years ago

    Colbert is awesome

  • CreekMonsters 5 years ago

    Who else Googled “Stephen Colbert Inner Self”?

  • ArcticKomodo 5 years ago

    Stop using MBTI!! Use Carl Jung’s system Socionics. Anyway, Stephen is an

  • Mylia Noir 5 years ago

    Oh no, I think he was being mistyped on television, hahaha! ?
    It must be a joke everyone, haha.

    He’s most likely an ENTP or ENFP.

    P.S: No matter how funny the mistype is (really; most people should see
    that his answers were not INFP at all), it makes MBTI look even less
    credible than most people see it as already.

  • fredrikstadtilian 5 years ago

    um, any INTJ s here?

  • Barry Neal 5 years ago

    this !@#$ing guy lolol

  • Buenomars 5 years ago

    Wow, his middle name really is Tyrone!

  • Sara JJ 5 years ago

    I’m madly in love with every single one of Colbert’s facial expressions in
    all these videos

  • JuanOfaKind88 5 years ago

    Do people actually believe in this? People are very gullible, by the way
    the video description was insulting.

  • Michelle Caceres 5 years ago

    We have the same personality type! You’re the best!

  • pleasuretokill 5 years ago

    Stephen is the best interviewer ever

  • pleasuretokill 5 years ago

    Lady: “It’s possible, I’m not saying all the time, that some people…..
    some times, may not see that warm aspect in you”
    Stephen: “Fuck you!”

    I spit soda on my computer monitor. You owe me a new one, Colbert.

  • Rose T. Dryad 5 years ago

    I wish she had told him that Tolkien is thought to have been an INFP!! He
    would’ve flipped out.

  • Shogun SSB_HS 5 years ago

    Living that ISFJ life

  • 12mauro21 5 years ago

    This reminds me so much of Conan

  • nickelgrandma 5 years ago

    Someone PLEASE notice 10:17 and tell me what that sound is

  • DestinyQx 5 years ago

    ENFJ.. 4 years ago it was different.. omg Stephen.. who are us!? :o

  • luckyjasonfan 5 years ago

    Cause he’s a M**her F**kin’ INFP

  • Ilias Ant. 5 years ago

    Why not 1080p ?

  • Alexander Wolf 5 years ago

    MBTI seems like bullshit designed to boost egos lol. Brilliant. Creative.
    Intellectual. What a load of crap. Just go ahead and shower someone with
    the most appealing adjectives to make him or her feel special. This is
    disgusting. This seems like something insecure special snowflakes would
    masturbate to. Oh, I have the same personality type as William Shakespeare.
    I must be so special. You could tell Stephen Colbert wasn’t buying that
    bullshit, which makes the proud #InsertMBTItype comments all the more
    ironic. MBTI is an absurdity, an egregious waste of time. Save yourself the
    trouble and discover life on your own terms. You are an individual first
    and foremost. You’re not better or worse than anyone just because a fucking
    personality test says you are. This can be dangerous, really. You’re gonna
    spend your whole life under the delusion that your life has a particular
    meaning so your complacent ass stays on the couch doing nothing and jacking
    off to the thought of being like Shakespeare. Then you grow old and wonder
    where it all went wrong. Get out of this pit before it’s too late. You’re
    not brilliant and intellectual because some bullshit personality test says
    so. Sorry. MBTI is astrology for people who think they’re too smart to
    believe in astrology. Your life is not predetermined. You decide what your
    life is. You discover what your life means through your experiences and
    your observations. A bunch of stupid questions on a piece of paper don’t
    define your life. Also, that woman was artificial as fuck. Almost like a
    robot programmed to just say the most ridiculously positive things about
    people. This shit is the opposite of authenticity.

  • Ilias Ant. 5 years ago

    INTJ here.

  • Celebok 5 years ago

    The thing is, was he trying to be funny during the whole assessment, so
    he’d have enough comedic material to choose from in editing that segment?
    Or did he actually take it for real and answer the questions honestly
    off-camera? That makes a HUGE difference. I agree with what others have
    said, that he appears very ENTP, but it’s still possible he is in fact an
    INFP, and what we see on TV is just his entertainment persona that he’s
    mastered during his career.

  • Matthew Cosby 5 years ago

    When Stephen first started with the Late Show, I have to say, I was not
    pleased. It wasn’t the Stephen that I was wanting or expecting, but perhaps
    that’s typical after spending so long with the Colbert Report. Thankfully
    now, I feel like the Stephen from the Colbert Report is starting to show a
    little bit more on the Late Show now, and I am very happy. Regardless,
    he’ll never lose my admiration!

  • pattiepi 5 years ago

    love it……..I am an INFP and I welcome Stephen into the tribe

  • Bar0n970 5 years ago

    This psychiatrist, man I wonder how many takes it took. But dam She kept it
    together like a champ!

  • Brandon Matson 5 years ago

    I got the conan vibe with that interview

  • cortster12 5 years ago

    I got INTP. Who else?

  • Adam Richards 5 years ago

    I love you, Tyrone!

  • Simpson17866 5 years ago

    1) INTP, but a lot closer to INFP than to ENTP/ISTP/INTJ 🙂

    2) Who is that woman, and how much did they pay her to put up with this?

  • GabieRAWR 5 years ago

    One of us, one of us

  • Charles Fish 5 years ago

    “I’m an extrovert in the streets, but an introvert in the sheets!” *ROFL*

  • Hemanth Bajaj 5 years ago

    I can’t express how happy i am to see a 11 minute video.

  • Matthew Miller 5 years ago

    Colbert is an INFP, nice man! I got an INFJ.

  • payableondeath7 5 years ago

    I was kind of sad to get INTJ. It sounds even lonelier than I thought I was

  • lazyperfectionist1 5 years ago

    Go, Stephen!

  • Petey Putz 5 years ago

    Fucking yes this is all I ever wanted in life as an INFP I am geeking out
    beyond reason right now!!!!

  • whoRwe02 5 years ago

    Mr Colbert is just another celebrity or an entertainer who is making
    jokes for a living. Entertainment is thy business. He is as “saintly” as
    others comparable to Fallon or Kimmel or Conan? Night shows are made to
    juice, perk and boost late hours. Individual viewer got their individual
    favorite host – it is their response how their sensitive parts are tickled.

  • Tony Mintz 5 years ago

    So close. I’m ENFP.

  • Topher S 5 years ago

    You can take Colbert off the Report but you can’ take the Report out of

  • C Mufasa 5 years ago

    “The Real Me” by the Who! Love that song!

  • Potato Battery 5 years ago

    I got INFJ, but apparently the last 2 letters only beat T and P by 6% and
    4%, so it’s safe to say that those last two letters are still up in the
    air. Possible member of team INFP!

  • tg72211 5 years ago

    INTJ. I’m half Colbert.

  • MegaZeroX7 5 years ago

    I’m an INFJ, so close!

  • TheJankren 5 years ago

    I really doubt he is an introvert. Jon Stewart maybe because he seems like
    the shy type but Stephen Colbert hell no.

  • Nihilist Porcupine 5 years ago

    I like how everyone in the MBTI community shat on INFPs for years, but now
    Colbert is one, and suddenly we’re cool. K, sure.

  • Emilia Venka 5 years ago

    My favorite part is one not a lot of people will get. When she says
    Shakespeare was an INFP, he gives a knowing look to the camera. Probably
    because he was a classically trained Shakespearean actor before he went
    into television.


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