White Savior: The Movie Trailer

Published on February 21, 2019

A movie about a black woman who made history and a man who was white when she did.

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  • Walter De wit 8 months ago

    America is racial insane.

  • Brock Albert 8 months ago

    This is hilarious. But why can’t we make movies about a white person helping a black person? Is it unrealistic? Has it never happened before? Should we stop making Lincoln & LBJ movies?

    I know it’s trendy to make fun of white people, but there are white people who legitimately help black people. I’m not saying they should get all the credit, but why make fun of their efforts?

  • anna ruth 8 months ago

    this is the best thing to ever happen

  • TitoAj 8 months ago

    She definitely lingered that look for a second longer at the end with the racist

  • Shae Micah 8 months ago

    This was funny but kinda bullshit.

  • Kyle Sampson 8 months ago


  • basically delicious 8 months ago

    This sketch was dead on!!! Except at the end… if the movie was told from a white guy’s perspective, it would most definitely be called “Kevin and Rosa” (not the other way around). 🤣

  • Kick a Poo 8 months ago

    Well done! Amber is big screen material. Make more of these skits.👍

  • Scott Johnson 8 months ago

    I will share this video with others.

  • The Fidget Spinner Movie 8 months ago

    Wow. These white people need to STOP helping non-white people. That’s just downright disgusting!

  • Jaxxon the Healer 8 months ago

    Hmmmm i wonder what type of people gave this a thumbs down 🤔

  • dflanny12 8 months ago

    This was actually pretty funny

  • Justin Tran 8 months ago

    this really was just like hidden figures

  • ICan&IWill 8 months ago

    That doesn’t test well with audiences loool

  • Victor Romero 8 months ago

    The fact that she’s pee-shy makes her relatable.

  • Bastarden 8 months ago


    It always struck me that no matter what the movie, it’s ALWAYS white people being the hero that saves the black woman.

    If it’s a black man, he CAN (rarely) be his own saviour, but not if it’s a black woman.

    If a movie doesn’t at least allow white (usually male) people feel good about themselves, it won’t succeed. How damned fragile can we be? That’s the mentality of a privileged people that’s been playing the role of the oppressor far too many times.

    You think being a woman comes with stigma about your ability and ambitions? Try being a Black woman… She’s portrayed as even more helpless than Black men and white women combined.

  • Eduardo Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Is this a trailer for green book ?¿

  • Timothy O'Brien 8 months ago

    Well done! Seth makes the perfect White Savior.

  • Norman Frederick 8 months ago

    The woman can ACT! She’s getting better every day!

  • Person McPerson 8 months ago

    this was gold!!!


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