White House Press Briefing, Joe Biden’s Presidential Run – Monologue



  • No need to worry about my username 10 months ago

    “a Florida man was arrested” is the sort of thing you hear everyday but are still surprised every time you hear it

  • mindminer 10 months ago

    If Sarah took an enema, there would be nothing left than some skin, some hair, and two eyes looking in different directions….

  • Dudist Priest 10 months ago

    Biden can step back off, nobody wants male Hillary. We didn’t even want the real thing

  • corporal jono 10 months ago

    Trump and his ego

  • Tyler Hall 10 months ago

    I hope all the dems know that if Biden becomes the nominee that the gop is going to win another 4 years

  • Mike Perkins 10 months ago

    S.uckabee Sanders is an Abominable ungodly woman.
    Trump is an abomination of a husband and president.
    Abominable ungodly administration.
    Burn in hell Sarah.

  • Cagiest Quasar 10 months ago

    And once Biden starts running, we’re going to see how ‘old school’ his politics are and he’s going to lose popularity fast and hard. He’s all about that money and incremental change.

  • Imen Hamla 10 months ago

    Why don’t you talk about algeria

  • A Smith 10 months ago

    Biden… no man. Dont make me ACTIVELY hate you man.
    We all know your policies… and they suck. Cant you just be “funny grandpa joe” instead of “guy we had to pick apart to death….. because you were dumb enough to run” ?

  • Jedd the Jedi 10 months ago

    The Chicago Symphony joke was sublime.

  • Jacob Kaiser 10 months ago

    White people aren’t the only ones that stare. I’m in China… my wife is Chinese, I’m white, and Chinese people stare at us all the time.

  • Nicholas Byram 10 months ago

    Seth Myers is a king maker. Joe Biden could be the next US President. Someone tell Florida so we don’t end up with Joe Budden as President. My jump off never cares if I go out too much…my jump off never got me going out of my way.

  • Robert 10 months ago

    The Devil’s called “Prince of lies”
    says he is outdone by Trump and Sarah Sanders who think lying is a game.

  • Earl Gray 10 months ago

    * * * Sarah Sandpaper (she is abrasive) needs to skip a few meals, just look at her. The Red Hen was just encouraging that heffer to shed 60 pounds. Oi Vey ! Ps; You could land aiirforce one on Donny J. Trumputin’s lazy, enormous golfcart seat shaped spanker. Vote to impeach at: Chang.org We MUST do this for our children. OiVey !

  • LibHunk 10 months ago

    The presidency bar is so Low with Trump that Joe Biden or anyone with two brain cells will be considered a greatest president.

  • S Clair 10 months ago

    Democrats should play up the constitution and do the OG “Whoever comes in second (in our primary) gets to be vice president” since they’re all being very cool headed with each other at least for now

  • jeeeeeeees 10 months ago

    it’s annoying to hear you tryy too speeaak slooweer…. Fire the fucking person who told you too.

  • Pixie Fairy 10 months ago

    But goat is GOAT.

  • Hey There 10 months ago

    Biden sucks. Loves putting Americans in prison. Hates Anita Hill. 0/10 would not recommend

  • cappyjones 10 months ago

    Trump lies about things that can proven. He’s on VIDEO calling the man Tim Apple and he lies about it. Sad


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