White House Officials Get Left-Swiped | The Daily Show

Published on June 25, 2018

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the latest member of Team Trump to face public condemnation, and Trump staffers complain that their boss is a dating buzzkill.



  • Aixa Reina 2 years ago


  • Lucas Layton 2 years ago

    That song American idiot was originally called Republican idiot.

  • Jose Alfredo 2 years ago

    Watching your videos make my day??

  • Little Emmy 2 years ago

    That ending killed me! XD

  • smile444 2 years ago

    2:27 you tought it was just a client but IT WAS I, SARAH!!!!!

  • Adam Krynski 2 years ago

    Well done??

  • Riliame Blum 2 years ago

    This is both good and bad. Good that they “get what they deserve”, but bad because hatred will only inspire more hatred… This will only make them worse, and it won’t “open their eyes”. They’ll shut themselves off in their own views and refuse to change. However, confronting them politely hasn’t worked either.
    Personally I just hope the US will make it mandatory to take a foreign language in school, and learn about foreign cultures. When you understand another culture as you understand your own, it’s easier to sympathise with or be accepting of new cultures and impulses, thus erasing much prejudice and racism. I think the US needs a fundemental change, and it ought to start in school, where we develop so much over the years, and where we’re shaped by our surroundings.

  • Jenny Shull 2 years ago

    What I find weird is that the drop down states menus on websites lists Washington DC aka District of Columbia as a state but the USA government won’t let Washington DC be a a state. the internet is more compassionate towards Washington DC than the USA government.

  • Faiez Alam 2 years ago


  • Bullettube 2 years ago

    Well the wing-nut asked for it. If you’re going to support the right of a cake maker to refuse to make a wedding cake for gays based on their religious beliefs, then restaurants can refuse to serve a customer based on their political beliefs. You see Sarah, you really can’t have your cake and eat it to!

  • VodShod 2 years ago

    Mr Rogers is probably just angry about them pushing the insane man into shooting up Mr Rogers home town

  • artbydesignofkc Joey 2 years ago

    Dear illegal immigrants please move to this man’s neighborhood and shit on his sidewalks. Pitch a hundred tents up and down the street he lives on. Devalue his property. Make his kids learn to speak Spanish first so they can get along with the rest of the class that aren’t paying taxes or the teacher salary period or the building, or the electricity. You just keep paying it you fucking idiot. Please move them all to this dumb fucking assholes neighborhood that isn’t affected by illegal immigration. Fucking fag. Follow Obama round just so that they don’t feel bad about fucking each other in the ass and sucking dick because he said it was okay. Fucking disgusting

  • Cristhian Camacho 2 years ago

    You know that Potus sounds like butt in spanish, right?

  • I CAN READ/ CAN YOU? 2 years ago

    This is the same person that reads the bible before she comes out and lies to everyone. Such good Christians, God must be so proud of her. God stand for good not evil. All these fake Christians need to quit hiding behind the bibles, Evangelicals remember you will be judged at the end and will burn in hell for eternity. You all will get what you deserve at the end you stupid ignorant religious nuts.

  • Momma Hosk 2 years ago

    My husband and i contemplated driving the 4 hours just to eat there because of this..this is great

  • Rachael Simon 2 years ago

    Refused service? “Dispact the fight” she’s an American?

  • What If 2 years ago

    So being partial is wrong, but only when it’s wrong according to……..

  • Full Blossom 2 years ago


  • JMB 2 years ago

    Uau! yes…Im an immigrant and I got treated like that by immigrants..forced to pay the service fee..so ridiculous..

  • Iron mann 2 years ago

    Oh I just want to say this one last thing . Yeah it’s good that the Democrats took the house but Donald Trump is a master at blaming everybody for his problems and the Democrats have to be really careful that they don’t over play this card. If they go too fast and then the economy takes a dive Donald Trump will blame them and America will believe him. You know his base will.!! I believe you’re going to see the Republicans kind of step back and play it really quiet for a little while and try to let the Democrats sound like a bunch of screaming lunatics wanting blood and revenge. I hope the Democrats are smart enough to play it correctly. We will see very exciting times for sure


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