Which Way Will You Go, Compromise Joe Manchin?

Published on February 24, 2021

Sing it with us now! “Gotta have him for a bill to go / What do you want now, Compromise Joe?” #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

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  • Florida Fan 1 year ago

    Joe Manchu is nothing but wolf in sheep’s clothing. A republican masquerading as a democrat.

  • Vesperitis 1 year ago


  • Krystof Dayne 1 year ago

    Haha this was hilarious 😂 for real though, it’s a testament to how broken the Senate is that that one guy from West Virginia basically holds the power over whether millions of people in all of the US get a living wage

  • Matthew Mangum 1 year ago

    Keep the masses poor, so they’ll have to keep working for the 1%, who in turn keep receiving massive tax breaks from the federal government. This situation is completely unacceptable. Since the 2008 economic down turn, everyday workers weren’t given any increase in salary. The minimum wage should have been increased at that time. So actually, the fair minimum wage should be approximately around $17 to $18 dollars per hour. Politicians will always try to divert your attention away from a certain issue by threatening to take away your healthcare, just as an example. The old adage “wolf in sheep’s clothing” keeps coming to mind.

  • Ben Keitz 1 year ago

    Last hope in Joe Manchin, just hold the line for 1.5 more years. In 2022 Republicans will clean house. Won’t matter after that.

  • BambiTrout 1 year ago

    The thing is that if the US had tied it to inflation the minimum wage should by $15 an hour by the time it actually comes into effect, and if they tied it to productivity like Australia and a load of other countries do, it would be over $23 an hour.

  • whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 1 year ago

    Compromised Joe. Joke to call a republican plant a Democrat

  • 47f0 1 year ago

    Manchin does not want want his constituents to be able to afford a bus ticket to get out of his hell hole state.

  • Mary Ziel 1 year ago

    This republican who has a democrate seat nerds to resign he’s been undermining Biden since Biden has taken office. He’s vote more for Trump’s agenda then some republicans. He’s not a moderate he’s a republican who doesn’t think Americans who live below the poverty line who go to work everyday and live in homeless shelters or on the streets should get a wage increase or the stimulus check or unemployment benefits. He has nice tax cuts that Trump gave him and has sold us out. I’ve been homeless I’ve made minimum wage and by the way the minimum wage hasn’t had an increase since the 70″s. We have to get the wage up to what the cost of living really is in which would be$25 an hour. Not this man he’s never had to work 3 jobs just to barley make rent. I’m from The Bronx NY I don’t live there anymore because I can’t afford it. I live on social security and get $866 a month and always broke after I pay my rent. I eat one meal a day and it’s a sandwich I have 3 daughter’s who are Frontline workers a nurse in florida, Asst mgr in Seattle WA and the youngest works as a grocery clerk in Seattle WA she makes $15 an hour and her hour’s at her job were cut she’s working 20 hours a week her rent is $600 a month me and my ex are helping her pay rent her apartment is in a low income buliding. WTF, does this man wants us to suffer. I can’t go back to work I’m fighting cancer for the second time I live in a senior low income buliding and they just increase my rent $20 and my electric bill went up another $10. They don’t ever want you to get a head or even survive and they proven that with the handling of the coronavirus and Texas. My two oldest girls are single parents they both bought homes they’ve never missed a day of work. They don’t take vacations because they can’t afford it. I began working when the minimum wage was $2 an hour I wasn’t afford the luxury of going to harvard. Theses bastards are ungrateful to the Americans who are the Frontline workers they don’t care if we live or die by catching the virus. They don’t care about our democracy and consitution as long as they have power and get Rich from tax cuts, inside trading from the stock market.

  • Slowbro 1 year ago

    Too be fair I wasn’t sure if this was about Biden or Manchin at first.

  • Beck V 1 year ago

    He’s really a republican. He upsets me greatly. Too bad I don’t live in West Virginia so I can vote him out. Someone! Primary him!

  • Metal Head 1 year ago

    I hate Manchin being the dealmaker but let’s be honest the only reason there is a big fuss about Manchin is because of his recent no vote against the neoliberal darling Tanden.When progressives complained about him obstructing the stimulus and 15$ wage the neoliberal saif that we are all a big tent party and should compromise with all including the republicans on the other side

  • Alec T 1 year ago

    Get rid of the Filibuster Joe, or join Mitch..

  • Ryan Maggs 1 year ago

    Love to see any one of these morons live on 11 bucks an hour. Wouldn’t even cover their car insurance and gas I bet. Why are over paid politicians so stupid when it comes to the cost of living. While they fly the world and get driven around. Pathetic

  • So fresh So clean 1 year ago

    The elites deciding weather the peasants get more crumbs

  • Tskmaster 1 year ago

    You had one shot on “Compromise Joe”… but you wasted it on Manchin and not Biden.
    Manchin isn’t even a Democrat, he’s a Republican with safety markings.

  • ALP7A 1 year ago


  • mary jones 1 year ago

    phenomenal job, ty lssc family!

  • Chris 1 year ago

    Seriously. What do this guy earn an hour or per month? How the F can he deny anyone $15/hour?
    I don’t get what’s wrong with these people,..

  • death13a 1 year ago

    Where is Shanty?


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