Which Celebrities Are Donating To Which Candidates?

Published on July 18, 2019

Of all the celebrities donating generously to 2020 campaigns, Steve Buscemi’s might be the most surprising so far.

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  • g bat 4 months ago

    Butigege is a corporate democrat. He will sell us out for his rich donors.

  • Jared Jayme 4 months ago

    and Bernie is getting Cardi B

  • alan vande kop 4 months ago

    Wish someone sometime would explain why the NYC mayor is so terrible.

  • TheReal008Zulu 4 months ago

    Trump just got a $50 million donation from some group called The Kapital Group Banking.

  • Jeuro38 4 months ago

    After watching the debates the real question should be why would anyone vote for <5% polling Buttigieg who avoids taking any clear policy position... except if that's why they shower him with cash to keep the status quo going

  • Meg 4 months ago

    Corporate money is gnostic money.

  • bruh 4 months ago

    PETE for 2020

  • maldita peppas 4 months ago

    what i have noticed is on trumps racist tweet
    Elizabeth warren
    kamala harrison
    beto o Rourke
    have been promoting their campaigns by saying they would make a better president and tryng to get trumps attention
    meanwhile pete buttigieg doesnt even promote his campaign or tries to get attention and trump still mentions him 🤦‍♂️

    pete buttigieg will mop the floor with trump

    pete buttigieg 2020

  • bjsmith503 4 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are my top 2. I hope they merge together, form like Voltron for the big win.

  • Christian Brislenn 4 months ago

    Tulsi was just endorsed by Jack Dorsey from Twitter. Maximum amount.

  • aleprbla 4 months ago

    I’m so fucking proud of Pete omg

  • Nikierra Myers 4 months ago

    Isn’t this the same video? Smh

  • Eric Burkheimer 4 months ago

    People, I implore you to vote your heart out in the primaries… But should your choice candidate NOT be the victor, then I implore you to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. I know we want this to be about specific policy issues, but the ONLY issue that matters now is saving the soul of the United States of America. We once were a great nation, but we have fallen since the great Barack Obama left office. We have to stop this Oompa Loompa-shaded bastard and his MAGAT base.

  • Patrick Mühlbeyer 4 months ago

    I will never understand why americans celebrate when their politicians get bribed. It’s like oh look he got bribed the most he must be a good guy.

  • Alice B 4 months ago

    People, please help. How can I watch these clips in the correct order? Why does it automatically advance to a clip that is not from last night’s show? I just wanna watch last night’s show in the right order. Sorry for the off-topic question.

  • MrManifolder 4 months ago

    Too many times we’ve seen Democrats fold like soggy origami under overwhelming corporate pressure, but 2020 might be our last chance to mitigate runaway climate change and it will only happen if the US president is willing to fight corporate interests without hesitation and without pulling any punches.

    Bernie Sanders has the longest most consistent progressive record of anyone in the race. His history shows that he is the most likely to follow through once in office. Let’s get it done… while we still can.

  • MylifeMB 4 months ago

    It is funny overall and all and I might be biased here but everybody who was applauding buttigeg bribes is wrong. Bernie got more people donating to him than any other candidate and was not that far behind on the total dollar amount either but without the bribes. Bernie 2020

  • U. S. S. A. 4 months ago

    Pete raised millions from corporations and millionaires. Bunch of puppets.

  • World Shaper 4 months ago

    Hey Colbert why don’t tell us where did Pete get his money?
    Maybe the banks that defrauded millions of Americans?

  • U. S. S. A. 4 months ago

    The gay community supports Bernie and not that corporate hack who is fighting for the elites.


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