“When You’re Dealing With Gangsters, You Gotta Do Gangster Things” – Charlamagne Tha God On The G…

Published on October 20, 2021

Lenard McKelvey, AKA Charlamagne Tha God, tells Stephen what he has planned for upcoming episodes of “Tha God’s Honest Truth,” his new late night show which airs Friday nights at 10/9c on Comedy Central and streams on Paramount+. #Colbert #ThaGodsHonestTruth #CharlamagneThaGod

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  • Rob Van Gessel 2 years ago

    Sorry – but this was a really stupid interview. Put the Gawds away and get back to the science. Then, again, Santa is flying by in a couple of months, so maybe I’m wrong.

  • Paul Dudley 2 years ago

    Damn!! I agree with him 150%

  • ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ 2 years ago

    Like when Onyx punked him to his face and when Lol Kim sent a thug to punch him in his face? Those kind of Gangster things?

  • The AJ 2 years ago

    Love Charlemagne. But that last name is just so fucking weird. It’s what I’d expect from a Korean StarCraft gamer…

  • Deeannash 2 years ago

    People who make up their own names do always make such asses of themselves. Charlemagne, founder of the Holy Roman Empire wasn’t grandiose enough so “tha god”?

  • Like Bot 2 years ago

    Disconnect from social media? NOoooooo! Don’t make me wanna give up YouTube. I can give up all my other social media: the landline, e-mail, lawn swing, bartender, even staff-room gossip… but not YT.

  • LAUGHINGMANWILL 2 years ago

    Charlamagne is damn fool. A disrespectful ass. He goes out of his way to be a douche to so many people. That said today he spoke a lot of truth. Maybe people can get better

  • Prezident By Name Only 2 years ago

    “The cowardice of the Democratic Party” – SPOT ON!!!

  • Thandi M 2 years ago

    How is a rapist on thos show? How?!?!?

  • Republicans for bleach injections 2 years ago

    Champagne the God

  • RawDog 2 years ago

    I’m in Australia so I only know Charlemagne through YouTube videos. He’s a terrible interviewer. He constantly has no idea of what his guests are about. He’s a tool.

  • Melissa Hancock 2 years ago

    Uhm, the term “Happy Accidents” was actually coined in the 1980’s by the American painter called Robert “Bob” Ross. He was an instructor on PBS for many years. Please give HIM the credit for this term.

  • Tonya Moony 2 years ago

    You must be hard-up for guests…he aint my friend…and he aint no God…he is a joke! He needs to talk about his dirty dealings w/Wendy! Thats right, I said it!

  • Studeb 2 years ago

    He is absolutely right about the coup, the ones who failed at it now pretend they were having a picnic, and they may get away with it.

  • darrell best-wadley 2 years ago

    Looking back at Old breakfast club interviews, it just annoys because now you know he did all that and said all that inappropriate stuff because he was trying to be controversial. Back then he always claimed that he was just being himself.


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