When Was America Great?: The Daily Show

Published on July 22, 2016

The Best F#@king News Team searches the Republican National Convention to better understand Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

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  • MISS PLUS UNIVERSE ? 2 years ago

    I love these videos lol ppl are something else.

  • Big B 2 years ago

    Indians do biggest jobs in USA not Barking like white pig

  • o m 2 years ago

    “the indian thing”… minor hiccup… sure
    90% of an entire race wiped out… yea no biggie right

  • Kenneth Adams 2 years ago

    It was great before the white people invaded! No pollution, animals lived in peace and not killed just because they was there! And the people of this land lived in harmony, Black Indigenous and Native Americans!!!

  • Anthony Campos 2 years ago

    1:46 Sure

  • uyiuit 2 years ago

    The US was the greatest in 1932-1970 in my opinion

  • Chris Tel 2 years ago

    The last guy must be an actor…? Please…:/

  • P h 2 years ago

    Stupid is as stupid does………..break a few pieces of china….incidentals like suppression of women, not simply enslavement of africans…these trump slime write it off like slavery was a bunch of happy singing black folk that work hard and just didn’t get paid.
    No trumptards…they were sold, thrown into ships like the nazis did with their cattle cars with the Jews and Romas…except this
    Was a journey that lasted weeks…mothers and children torn apart…like the mad man trump did some months ago and the nazis did, then sold and subjected to beatings, rape and brutal conditions never to see their families again, does this young fool know that post civil war KKK and yes idiot..these were democrats…does it really matter whether its dems or repubs…if you continue the practise ..its you moron…alt right not alt. Demo……so trumpards…walk in their shoes…fools……..and women in the US..the idiot points out that the down turn was in 1913 and the passing of the 17th amendment….so does the trumptard know that women couldnt own property, if they divorced could not have the children, had not ability to impact their lives without vote…….a great county doesn’t do and continue to do what has been done to native americans, asians who were put in concentration camps during wwII for fear they would ally with the Japanese………….which brings us to today….we now have a pretender who is disordered, impulsive, emboldens the violent, the politically perverse and socially perverse bigots, …we csn make america great again like it was two years ago by stamping out trump pence, mcconnell ryan hatch graham nunes grassley and the hoardes of slime that used to stay in their holes in the ground until the slob trump ascended

  • Marina Garza 2 years ago

    LOL.. Haaaa ha. Oh old white men!

  • Jeffrey Morton 2 years ago

    One way to judge the collective intelligence of a country is to figure out how many years they are at war vs how many years they are at peace. The US has been at war 222 out of 239 Years (93% of the time) and has killed more than 20 million people in 37 “Victim Nations” since World War II. So, young and old alike, all Americans are at least borderline sociopaths…

  • Franek 2 years ago

    In 1950 USA industrial production value was about 50% of that of whole world. Now it’s hardly even 14%. For instance just 1% of aluminium was produced in US and just 3-4% of steel. Most of US business is nowadays entertainment, bullshit talking, real state speculation etc. Only reason why USA has not made bankruptcy is they military power forcing other nations accept fake currency of paper dollar. So in fact USA has become much more Mafia state than real economy productive nation.

  • Peace-Of-Mind 2 years ago

    Just 5% of US labor power is nowadays factory industrial workers. I bet hardly more than 20% is doing real productive work. 80% just hang around and try to be something special though are not much more than just parasites.


    Braking some China

  • Luke 2 years ago

    oh, you people are such snowflakes. terrible, awful things go back to the beginning of time in all regions, cultures, civilizations, etc. America is a great country despite all of the tragedies we served and endured. the year is 2018, an things have progressed so much due to all of our mistakes, so lets focus on the future not the past. besides, if you people truly understand history you know America was the new world! land has always been fought for, like America was after signing treaties and fighting wars for more territory. as for slavery… do you people have any remote idea how that occured? african chiefs sold their own people; which began the slave trade. yes tons of have terrible things have occured from our current perspective now, but back in the 1700s things were obviously different. overall America gave birth to freedom and new ways of life. gosh you people must educate yourself… do you realize that if America wasn’t formed as a country none of us would even be born!?

  • Riyan Raj 2 years ago

    Who else thought that man in the thumbnail was Mike Pence?

  • akeffo 2 years ago

    America was great when I had sex for the first time, second time, third time……erc

  • robert chandler 2 years ago

    In case you don’t know how to use a dictionary, great means way above average NOT PERFECT…SINCE YOUR READING SKILLS SEEM NOT GREAT an example is in order, JFK was great MLK was great but neither were PERFECT .DO YOU GRASP THAT GREAT IS NOT PERFECT??? So can we agree defeating AXIS POWERS was great,walking on moon was great ,finding polio cure was great,the Marshall plan,the United Nations,Al Gore inventing the internet with the help of DARPA was great.Powered flight,recorded music and movies.I am so sorry your hate for one individual blinds you to the FACT you come from a GREAT if not perfect nation .Boo hoo ,we also happen to be the richest most powerful entity EVER ,I think we will survive Trump…Get over it

  • A british aristocrat 2 years ago

    “That wasn’t in insult by the way”
    That guy was great

  • Luc Bousquette 2 years ago

    The 80s

  • David Gonzalez 2 years ago

    The China one was priceless


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