When the TSA Post-Checks After a Pre-Check – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Heidi Z 2 years ago

    I just started watching these and I’m so impressed with Trevor. He’s brilliant. And how many accents can this man do?

  • DJ_MYL 2 years ago

    Goddamn it Barry

  • touristguy87 2 years ago

    Just give them a tax-cut

  • thehoneydeev 2 years ago

    Again I now watch the Daily Shows MAINLY for the “Behind the Scene”??❤️

  • kyle robinson 2 years ago

    Airbus A380 cost 425 million dollars. It is not the people they are concerned about. It is the half billion dollars flying around. Small planes are cheap. If two A380s hit the WTC it would cost an airline 1 billion dollars to replace the planes! I don’t think they paid out that much to the victims families so it is not the people that are protected.

  • Sapphire Riddles 2 years ago

    There are a lot of places in America that it probably wouldn’t be safe to admit your name is Jihad.

  • StarWine 2 years ago

    I have a generic name that sounds white, but I look like a variety bag of brown skinned people mixed together. I have only flown twice since 9/11 without being “randomly selected” for screening. I’ve flown around 100 times since 9/11. Random my ass.

  • doifhg 2 years ago

    I get randomly selected too much

  • Nganji Rubayita 2 years ago

    His definitely taking about delta airways ??

  • dimplestoomany 2 years ago

    Interesting in regards to use of the name Jihad. It reminded me of your friend, the dancer, named Hitler in your book Born a Crime. I had a friend whose name is Osama. He is Japanese. We called him Sam. He was already in the US before 9/11.

  • Earthy Nomad 2 years ago

    Finally someone who knows the actual meaning of jihad.. Its the struggle to resist temptations.all arabs (Muslim,Jews,Christians) use it. Why to go to the states anyway?

  • Ssssd F 2 years ago

    know the meaning of Jihad.coooooooooool

  • jon snow 2 years ago

    See what happen when u let ur slave run loose.

  • MaestrO Frags 2 years ago

    why this is banned in canada

  • Alchemic Overdrive 2 years ago

    He’s more liberal than I’d like but still can’t deny his natural ability to be hilarious.

  • Stephen Furr 2 years ago

    Trevor is so good doing improv. He’s funnier talking off the top of his head than the scripted bits!

  • Lean Boii 2 years ago

    Dude at least our name is Arabic has a meaning, Can anyone tell me what does Trevor mean .. or Michael?
    Exactly ?

    Ps: Mohamed which is the most common name in the entire world means the Most Thankful .. that’s humble dude.

  • Shivani Naidoo 2 years ago

    How do the camera crew not crack up themselves…yoh I’d drop the camera

  • Gods God 2 years ago

    I thought that clue names didn’t work on Americans, they elected “The Dumb-Old Fart” after all.

  • Cici Nurfatimah 2 years ago

    He explained the true meaning of Jihad perfectly!


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