When Harry Met Sinatra

Published on November 18, 2015

James asks Ethan Hawke, Anthony Anderson and Harry Connick Jr. about meeting their idols and Harry shares an incredible story about meeting Frank Sinatra.

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  • Claire Wang 4 years ago

    Me myself and Mirene!!! OMG

  • Marios Athalakis 4 years ago

    0:36 Oh, snap!

  • reeena oh 4 years ago

    I read the title as When Harry Met Sally lol

  • smnwri 4 years ago

    Nice wig Harry.

  • Ollie Langdon 4 years ago

    I cannot imagine any other chat show host saying Denzel Washington can “go
    fuck himself”. Gotta love Corden :P

    • jeff 4 years ago

      +1 for that. And the thing is, we ALL love Denzel.. But Ethan Hawke made a mistake by talking FOR Denzel.. The fact that Ethan is affraid to look bad while having a good time.. made him “project” that on Denzel Washington to allows himself NOT to enjoy the moments with the guests.. (Thinking he would look better if he wasn’t singing along)… Haha.. Thing is.. It made him look like a superficial fool, and he’s dragged along Denzel Washington (who didn’t have a word into this thing, as he was not attending) to made everyone feel akward because Ethan Hawke wasn’t playing along.

      It did not take too long for everyone to bash on Ethan Hawke for being such a superficial prick who did not alloe himself to have fun on the air because he’s scared of being judged.

      He then said that this kind of moment (karaoke sing along) would not make Denzel Washington want to come on the show.


      The host took a second to compose himself and wisely said : if Denzel cannot enjiy this kind of.moment, then he can go fuck himself.

      Meaning : ANYONE who is TOO GOOD to have a good time while on my show.. is not someone I want to meet.

      DAMNNN wellllll saidddd from James Corden.

      But it the end, Ethan Hawke was an absolute IDIOT for talking in the place of Denzel Washington… What a dick move.. Ethan, you lose.

  • TheGroucho66 4 years ago

    Anthony Anderson’s laugh is identical to that of the homeless guy who says
    “Watch it kid!” in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

  • Angel Guadarrama 4 years ago

    Harry Connick Jr. > Michael Bublé

  • Fionna Adeline 4 years ago

    ethan’s voice………. i melt
    and why does harry connick jr have a lisp here?

  • Matt Walker 4 years ago

    That Laugh!! I love it!

  • Jasveen Kaur Gatohora 4 years ago

    FRANKIE ❤️❤️❤️


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