What’s the Most Impressive Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Published on October 6, 2015

The Nobel Prizes are a fine way to honor those who’ve achieved great things over the course of their lives, but what about the people whose achievements aren’t so great? We wanted to shine a light on them too, so we went out on the street and asked pedestrians to share the most impressive thing they’ve ever done.

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  • r5penny 5 years ago

    Good work TJ she’s a hottie

  • Pokemontas 5 years ago

    You go girl! I’d cheat for that hunk too!

  • Sarah Dell 5 years ago

    What a terrible human. She must think very lowly of herself.

  • Josh Stillman 5 years ago

    lol wow that girl is terrible and also a dumbass

  • Michelle He 5 years ago

    wait 2:40 is that ron weasley…

  • Beaverj420 5 years ago

    hope the current boyfriend treats her like the whore she is now!

  • Damon Ashley 5 years ago

    what a filthy slut at the end. kind of girl that deserves a good rape. yes
    you read that correctly, rape.

  • Jahovas Whiteness 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t want to sound arrogant, so i’d just say that my most impressive
    thing i’ve ever done is winning the race of a million sperm.

  • Laura Forgie 5 years ago


  • Ivan Matyushov 5 years ago

    oh blonde white girls

  • MrNYCinc 5 years ago

    LOL famous hockey player…there is none

  • Shan Mayers 5 years ago

    When she gave out all the info I died????

  • TheBestMovieAlive 5 years ago

    That slut will be single forever now. When you say your biggest achievement
    is to cheat on your boyfriend then your life is pathetic.

  • Itzel Rodriguez 5 years ago


  • Debra Goodin 5 years ago

    Depp’s movies far outweigh anything out there! I put my movie money where
    it belongs. With the masters.

  • drod2070 5 years ago

    I love how she REALLY narrows it down with not only the initials but also
    the sport AND the team…how many TJs are there that play for Tampa Bay?
    Without even looking I’m going to say not many…

  • JA SL 5 years ago

    Her parents must be so proud.

  • JA SL 5 years ago

    Sloots gonna sloot.

  • 11kreep 5 years ago

    How do we refrain from dumb blonde stereotypes when they just keep

  • Awful Aim 5 years ago

    TJ oshie would have done better

  • JA SL 5 years ago

    Her name is Mallory Santic.

  • Mark Evans 5 years ago

    Hey current boyfriend of this woman do yourself a favor and run for the
    hills as fast as you can

  • Mirakledba A 5 years ago

    “What is it?”

    “Water Motorcycle” – Man

    That dude is so funny.

  • BigIrick 5 years ago

    Dumb whore…probably makes a living at it.

  • oxxadamxxo 5 years ago

    Whomever banged her told her he was a famous athlete, but with a brain like
    that who knows what he really did for a living.

  • Mihir patel 5 years ago

    She means Jetski.

  • Jennifer Sims 5 years ago

    White girls are whores

  • Clare Stone 5 years ago

    the most impressive thing I’ve done..I saved Rob Lowe’s son from drowning
    while I was a lifeguard at disney’s blizzard beach..what’s yours?

  • KaRue 3 5 years ago

    Let’s start this.

    What’s the most impressive thing any of you have done?

  • Martin Bourgeois 5 years ago

    If cheaters stick with each other, who cares.

  • Razear 5 years ago

    Giving blondes a bad name. lmfao

  • No Thanks 5 years ago

    Proud of cheating on your boyfriend, classy. Proud of sleeping with someone
    because they’re famous, classy again.

  • don diablo 5 years ago

    lmao “famous athlete”…i couldnt name ten nhl players if i tried. Ten
    bucks says it was some dude in a bar who said he was on the lightning and
    she believed it lmao

  • Matt Palen 5 years ago

    That’s a fast way to make yourself un-dateable. Now everyone, including her
    current bf, knows what kind of person she is.

  • Cheetah Licious 5 years ago

    I think this may have been setup because I would not accept that there are
    human beings this dumb and shallow as the last young woman

  • Raichu Myers 5 years ago

    he is right socks and sandals is fashion crime.

  • Kyle Jankowski 5 years ago

    don’t listen to any of these comments

  • 007Fusiion 5 years ago

    The last girl is pretty but has no morals. Not attractive. My favourite was
    the public speaking kid.

  • Lava “Sam” Pirate 5 years ago

    Where them feminists at tho ?

  • Carlos R Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Degenerate hole

  • Brian Clark 5 years ago

    TJ says she lied. I think it’s true. why would someone in California
    magically come up with the team and initials?

  • Lucky Luciano 5 years ago

    Shout out to that last girl, Earth needs more females like you.

  • Ohad Gev 5 years ago

    whore at the end. “I can’t say. TJ tampa bay.”

  • Andrew Widlicka 5 years ago

    Lol I know if any guy said he slept with some celeb, people would not be
    calling him a whore right now.

  • nunobone 5 years ago

    Who is she? Captain?! Need name for research purposes!

  • 4hotpink10 5 years ago

    that little boy is me

  • lochyes 5 years ago

    “She’ll cheat again, don’t know when, don’t know where. But I know she’ll
    cheat again some sunny day.”

  • Thierry Lévesque 5 years ago

    Seams like TJ scored an easy one there

  • Kazi Reza 5 years ago

    More women than you think will cheat on you with a famous athlete or a
    billionaire. A lot of women are whores for money and power and don’t really
    care about you.

  • Tera T 5 years ago

    Pretty blonde on t.v gold digging famous/rich people with no shame?

  • Danny Kwak 5 years ago

    Well that last one fits the blonde stereotype well.

  • swiperboy sb 5 years ago

    the hoe at the end is only good for making sandwiches and getting bent over
    and sucking on some d

  • Nolan Voyd 5 years ago

    Lol hi I’m a blonde bimbo and I cheated causes he a rich athlete teehee

  • BayAreaDubs94 5 years ago

    At least she didn’t say Patrick Kane….

  • em kay 5 years ago

    lmfaoooo water motorcycle hahahaha she meant jet skiiing

  • AYY LMAO 5 years ago

    You know whats sad? This will go viral yet shell still find any guy she
    wants and he will do anything for her. Life on easy mode for stupid whores.
    The crowd wouldnt be laughing if that was a guy

  • Harry D. 5 years ago

    Its insane how people will overshare so much when a mic or a camera is in
    front of them. Things you would only tell a close friend!

  • Meier Huber 5 years ago

    yes, proof that woman are not the smartest animals on the planet

  • Gerard Custers 5 years ago

    Stealing YouTube hits for Ben Pachen, everybody watch his channel and read
    the respons, pretty awesome what he’s got to say. go to Bernardus64.

  • Andrey Keloshateo 5 years ago

    Well… at least her ex-boyfriend Ben is a very lucky man not being with
    her no more!

  • Shruk 5 years ago

    American blonde, what did you expect? Poor Ben.

    RIP 2015-2015

  • Happiness Bunny 5 years ago

    Ms. Choksondik is disgusting

  • TheViperATS 5 years ago

    Blondes are hoes. Well, American blondes. She obviously wanted to say that
    hockey player’s name so bad just to brag about it. She probably smells like

  • Fubbies 5 years ago

    I’d cheat on my boyfriend with a guy who has more money. If a guy doesn’t
    have money, what’s the point of being in a relationship? If all I want is
    companionship, I have friends for that.

  • LMAAAAYOOO 5 years ago

    These females man.Welp MGTOW for life

  • Skoal91 5 years ago

    Cheating because he was a famous athlete. Her new BF has himself a real
    winner. He should dump her ass before she does that to him.

  • Th3Gam3925 5 years ago

    At least her current boyfriend now knows that his girlfriend is not only
    brain dead, but also a cheating whore.

  • Manuel Bolanos 5 years ago

    dayum gurrrl washup wit dit it

  • TamTamsish 5 years ago

    How do I make sure I never date one of these??!

  • turgonnaish 5 years ago

    Sluts gonna slut…nothing new here.

  • blackeyedcheese 5 years ago

    Well if your girl is gonna cheat on you, at least it was Tyler Johnson.
    Could’ve been Ryan Callahan.

  • Lee Honeycutt 5 years ago

    Ben really dodged a bullet with that one!
    Vapid and unfaithful. Whole bucket of nope with that girl. Not that she
    wouldn’t make a good place to put your dick for 5 minutes, but beyond
    acting as a surrogate cock warmer, she’s garbage.

  • Dylan Jones 5 years ago

    If the most impressive thing you’ve done in life is cheat on someone and
    ‘think’ you got away with it.. nothing, I have nothing.

  • Marcell Lovas 5 years ago

    u go girl! feminism we need

  • Capture Uncapturable 5 years ago

    Blonde alert

  • tomperez76 5 years ago

    So, aside from the fact that you can’t be trusted, and that your current
    boyfriend now knows that you have a history of cheating, you define the
    most impressive thing that you’ve ever done by whom you’ve slept with?
    Seriously? I’m not sure if that’s pathetic or sad.

  • jerome h. 5 years ago


  • Christopher “omnipotentcg” Greene 5 years ago

    This woman is a fine example of what’s wrong with females within our
    society. Insecure, selfish, low level of intelligence. Hopefully she
    doesn’t breed.

  • ChuckyDoll79 5 years ago

    Mallory Santic said she did it, T.J. said she is liying. Bring them both on
    Maury show or Wilkos show to pass them a liar detector test.

  • Eve Fan 5 years ago

    How could you be proud of cheating. Her reason for cheating was because he
    was a famous athlete. What.

  • Hedylogos 5 years ago

    Calm down people ffs! So she cheated, big deal. Her ex wasn’t giving her
    what she wanted, so she found it elsewhere. I do believe in honesty in
    relationships, but to call some random person, whom you don’t even know, a
    “whore” or “slut” is ridiculous. Lots of people cheat, she won’t be the
    first and certainly not the last, so go back to your lives and stop
    insulting strangers from your laptop. I guarantee none of your lives are
    perfect, so focus on yourselves. I don’t know this woman and i don’t care
    what she does, but i wouldn’t dare dream of calling a stranger names
    because of an action they did.

  • BoomLegion 5 years ago

    Make a response Ben!!! Make a response!

  • Deer Park 5 years ago

    she is a dumb person.

  • Dale A 5 years ago

    That nasty whore is quite proud of her accomplishment.

  • Bernardus64 5 years ago

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    question with the words , I’ve created a Audiomonument called ”For the
    cleaners” on YouTube.If you want to check it out, just click on my face
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  • Howard Lovecraft 5 years ago

    all women are sluts

  • Biggie Smalls 5 years ago

    What disgusting slut. She’s a whore.

  • grigorijoe 5 years ago

    Whore Of Babylon

  • hasen195 5 years ago

    “I have to go” – doesn’t go anywhere

  • aimrobot 5 years ago

    I slept with him because he was famous, so it was okay :)

  • Sherrell Burton 5 years ago

    Water motorcycle LOL I think she means a jet ski. Those are fun.

  • Harry Plinkett 5 years ago

    Women are such garbage lol. “uhhh its my old boyfriend not this one duh.”
    LOL yeah like she wont cheat on him when the next alpha skates into her
    life lol

  • Sherrell Burton 5 years ago

    Ok girl really. You really just admitted on national tv that you cheated on
    your boyfriend with an athlete just because he was famous. No judgement
    here but…I don’t know what to say. So how would your current boyfriend
    feel about you having no discipline? Just ask yourself that question.

  • JustSomeGuyOk 5 years ago

    what a disgusting whore. i hope she gets pregnant from a rapist and gives
    birth to a deformed retarded child

  • MAN_ON_WHEELZ 5 years ago

    Cheated on your bf with Tyler Johnson? If I were her current bf I’d run and
    go get her ass out of LA before she sleeps with the entire cast of Magic

  • Adrilu A 5 years ago

    After reading your comments I have to say that unless you know this girl
    please do not judge her. This is one of my personal friends and I can
    attest to the fact that she is a kind, thoughtful, and overall genuine
    person. Aside from that she is also a giant slut.


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