What’s Next for the Supreme Court? – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on November 15, 2022

Last term, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, limited the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon emissions, and kicked gun issues back to the state level, overruling years of precedent and going against public opinion. Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Daily Show supervising producer and writer Zhubin Parang, ACLU legal director, David Cole and editor of SCOTUSBlog, James Romoser to discuss what Americans can expect from this new term, how justices could be held accountable for their rulings, and what it would take to course-correct and see a judiciary that is more closely aligned with public opinion. #DailyShow #Podcast

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  • R B 3 months ago

    President Biden need to up the number of SC Justices while he can.

  • Aritra Chakraborti 3 months ago

    Roy is the underrated scholar within the Daily Show cohort. He has that John Oliver edge about him. This man seriously needs his own show.

  • carliena 3 months ago

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  • moonchildspirit 3 months ago

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