What Would Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Say to Trump?

Published on November 7, 2020

James Corden connects with author and professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson to gain some perspective as the country works towards declaring a winner in the 2020 presidential collection. The two discuss the importance and role of the black vote across the country and the selfless work Stacey Abrams has done to change the landscape of Georgia politics thanks to hard work. And James asks the author of “Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America” what he would say to President Donald Trump in this moment.

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  • James Williams 3 years ago

    There’s America’s issue right there. Everyone goes on about white, black, brown, Asian, men, women, red, blue votes rather than talking about people as just american’s voting.

  • Donna B 3 years ago

    James that was a great speech for Trump. Too bad he couldn’t give it to him personally.

  • Troy Miller 3 years ago

    Oh God…not this race-baiting gasbag.

  • Chiaraangel07 3 years ago

    Stop doing this politics garbage, I thought you were hilarious before, but now it gets annoying. I don’t need your corrupt opinions and lies, just make jokes.

  • Сергій Андрощук 3 years ago


  • emma suzanne 3 years ago

    Great speech!

  • 迦南博士 3 years ago

    Fraud Joe Biden take lots money from CCP

  • TellingItLikeItIs 2000 3 years ago

    I can’t believe this fool actually gets airtime. He has nothing good to say. He profits off racism. He’s like the slave masters but with a twist.

  • Childish Odyssey 3 years ago

    I’m black and I’m not a Democrat and I’m not LOYAL to the Democrats! They have hidden Agendas and so do Republicans!! Kamala Harris won’t have any power as vice president because Biden said he ONLY CHOOSE HER BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK!!! LOOK IT UP FOLKS! You guys believe everything you hear instead of doing your own research!! Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both evil!! Why dont you guys tell us the people the truth about what Biden has done just like you guys do trump!! God would not want us to choose between 2 evils so I didn’t.


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