What Was Trevor’s Childhood Dream? – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on June 10, 2019

Trevor might not have known he wanted to host The Daily Show when he was little, but he did know he wanted enough money to buy dessert.



  • IA1 4 months ago

    I love him.

  • Aaryaman Aashind 4 months ago

    Fucking hell. This guy has a nice story for everything.

  • meenoo meenoo 4 months ago

    I like how he’s true to himself and never forget how it all started.

  • Gauss24 4 months ago

    man i sure know how he feels

  • momo mily 4 months ago

    Ok. That’s sweet…

  • DJT 4 months ago

    Thats actually heartbreaking…

  • Busani Nyembe 4 months ago

    Can we also talk cricket Trevor. Our Proteas are at it again, choking! And leaving it up to the rain to decide.

  • Tabassum Fariha 4 months ago

    0:32 that one person who laughs in serious moments.

  • TheStackeddeck77 4 months ago

    Kinda hit the feels I still remember looking through the pantry as a kid and all we had were some packets of gravy and taco seasoning that shit sucked.

  • Maria Teresa 4 months ago

    This was so sweet, honestly

  • Meowleficent 4 months ago

    I was just telling my husband that when i was small , i was happy to go at funerals…it is sad but that was one of the few times where there was a lot of food. I am glad that my kid never experienced real hunger .

  • Carol Mirembe namunyiga 4 months ago

    Oooh twevar🤣🤣🤣🤣 may the good lord bless u,
    U such an inspiration to us😍😍

  • Ray Shepherd 4 months ago

    Wow, the things we take for granted.

  • RestlessPeach 4 months ago

    I can relate

  • Gurkirat Singh 4 months ago

    All I can say I enjoyed this clip.

  • Marcus Anderson 4 months ago

    The dudes got more stories to tell for two lifetimes.

  • Tenshi's Kiss 4 months ago

    I remembered saying the same thing to my parents, but they did indeed tell me to shut up. -_-” (I wish we can meet his mom on the show some day) At least now I too can have all of the desserts I want.

  • Sy Guzman 4 months ago

    I completely understand! I grew up in Los Angeles with my Mexican immigrant father in a similar food-scarce upbringing. We always had rice and beans but I only went to McDonald’s 4 times in my life before hitting my 18th birthday. Now I deliberately surround myself with food! 🤣 As a matter of fact, I’m at Taco Bell eating cinnamon churros right now 🤣

  • sweetboo1022 4 months ago

    He is just such an amazing soul and I think Patricia did a really good job

  • WHB JR 4 months ago

    “Tummy” eh?


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