What Trump’s Keeping From Biden & How He Profits From Donations | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 12, 2020

The State Department withholds messages from Biden per Trump’s orders, and Trump is lining his own pockets with his election defense fund. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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  • Kenneth Kwakye-Gyamfi 2 years ago

    Anyone with a brain?

  • Exploration Northwest 2 years ago

    That is fucking beautiful!

  • Roman Lee 2 years ago

    lmao gotta laugh at people who’ve donated their hard-earned money to Donnie boy

  • Lexcyper 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is a democrats sell out stop listening to this fraud

  • Pierre 2 years ago

    Oh of course it is a grift to fund Trump’s non tax paying, next four years running his new media organisation. With Trump you’re lucky if the fine print exposes his intent.🍊🍿

  • Julia 2 years ago

    I think this freak show is diversion from Trump filling his pockets.
    He’s done this before: do some attention-getting stunt while behind the scenes there’s a new horrendous law being rolled out and waved through.
    And this time round it’s easy to guess: He’s filling his pockets one last time, and trying to destroy as much proof of wrong doing as he can.
    I wish he _was_ delusional enough to think that the’ll get another four years, because that would mean that he’s not burning even more ground behind the scenes than he is on stage right now.
    But there’s definitely method to this madness, and I hope with all my heart that the new administration is going to sew Trump for all the damage he has done. Biden can’t let republicans weaponize law suits the way they do and just take it lying down.

  • Nathaniel Hellerstein 2 years ago

    “The dude went from being an African dictator to a Nigerian prince.”

  • Joe Taylor 2 years ago

    Why would he help a fool that doesn’t know anything? A an old man with dementia that has to read a piece of paper on which questions to answer so he doesn’t give away his fraud. Just a puppet. Save that vaccine news until the day the fake media declares Biden winner when Trump begged them fake fools to give it to us Americans first. Sad sad world

  • Stephen Shialsuk 2 years ago

    From African dictator to a Nigerian prince… Trevor, you are mad

  • Moba kiran 2 years ago

    Nothing Special
    “China waiting for US civil war”

  • Brian Abadom 2 years ago

    Trevor, please do not associate Nigerians with Trump. Thank you 🙏

  • Buds&Vines 2 years ago

    Trump scamming his own supporters….. 🥴

  • Frank Berger 2 years ago

    President REJECT Trump.

  • WakingRay 2 years ago

    Why do you think, the first thing after the election was to replace pentagon officials?
    He will sell secrets as if they were souvenirs to any adversary.

  • 조은주 2 years ago

    Why is a goofball comedian from South Africa commenting on US Politics while citing CNN?

  • King Diez 2 years ago

    You should quit comedy. You not funny at all

  • Nocsu 2 years ago

    Imagine being the President and pulling a pyramid scheme on your supporters… Where’s Kenneth Copeland when you need him? Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • o0Avalon0o 2 years ago

    John Stewart practically predicted the future when he hired Trevor Noah; he has first hand experience with dictators.

  • grd 2 years ago

    trump’s like an exboyfriend who keeps showing up to the family christmasdinner uninvited


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