What? The Trump Tower Meeting Wasn’t About Adoptions?

Published on August 6, 2018

In one of his 48 weekend tweets, Donald Trump admitted before doth protesting too much that he ‘didn’t know about it!’


  • Cristian Uruchima 7 months ago

    Gotta love Colbert

  • Will Pham 7 months ago

    When is he never on vacation?

  • brainflash1 7 months ago

    He wanted the Russians to adopt Eric.

  • Mario Alvarez 7 months ago

    Best Late night host

  • Michael Bootes 7 months ago

    They supervise him?

  • WanderingTaoist101 7 months ago

    Trump in two weeks: “Treason is not a crime!!”

  • Funny Bunny Videos 7 months ago

    When your president is so bad, you are relieved when he’s not working.

  • Conflict Of incest 7 months ago

    Thanks Stephen I love your show

  • fidorover 7 months ago

    *_NBC Nightly News — August 6, 2018_*
    LESTER HOLT: Good evening. Well, the infamous Don Jr Trump Tower meeting just got a little more interesting. New reporting from the Washington Post has shown that besides the promise of dirt on Hillary, the Russians _really_ got Don Jr’s attention with the offer of a rare and very expensive Russian hair gel, made from unrefined Siberian sweet crude oil and the tears of unborn Arctic baby seals. At the meeting, Don Jr is said to have been gifted an entire case of the Russian coiffing product, reportedly Don Jr’s go-to hair gel for the past 18 years. Slickov — as it’s called — is rumored to be the greasiest, douchiest hair gel known to man. Side effects of the gel soaking into the scalp are said to include spotty memory, criminal tendencies and the inescapable urge to re-tweet Nazis. Trump Jr is said to have used all 144 tubes of the gel given to him at the 2016 Trump Tower meeting and is “jonesing” to score another case before he’s inevitably sent to Danbury Federal Penitentiary, where the gel could be traded for things like personal safety and Cool Ranch Doritos. More later on this breaking story…

  • Bob Miller 7 months ago

    The Trump Tower meeting was DEFINITELY about adoption, adopting Vladimir Putin as America’s next president that is!

  • Richard Alexander 7 months ago

    Spanky Bonespurs has just put his wonderful son under the Swamp Express Tour Bus…what a freaking surprise…Don Who? Coffee boy, I met him once maybe…

  • Jeanne 7 months ago

    “Do it to Julia!” Why did nobody laugh at that? It’s so spot on!

  • Kim Jong Fun 7 months ago

    The Trump cult is so anti-reality that one of the days Trump will be on Fox News to show 4 fingers to the whole nation just like in the movie “1984”, and he will be like “It’s 5 fingers, right? You all see 5 fingers, right? How many fingers do you see?” And trumptards everywhere will swear to God that they definitely see 5 fingers, everyone who dares to say “4” will be arrested by Trump’s brownshirts aka the ICE.

  • imanasaurus rex 7 months ago

    I’m at the point where I’m not sure whether or not I want them to ban him from twitter or let him tweet himself to jail. I’m conflicted. 😐

  • Jordan 7 months ago

    Is this real life?!

  • Sonoma Calling! 7 months ago

    Did anyone else get that 1984 reference at 2:14?

  • Nylon 7 months ago

    Trump Jr.? He was just a coffee son!

  • Beatle Stories 7 months ago

    This guy is a comedic genius, same with Seth Meyers. Brilliant stuff

  • James Jumper 7 months ago

    There’s another generation of over-Tweeting coming. Trump staff has also given up on feudal efforts to supervise Barron on social media.

  • Nathan Baker 7 months ago

    *If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.*


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