What The Hell Happened This Week? Week of 8/14/2022 | The Daily Show

Published on August 20, 2022

Trump creates a litany of excuses for the FBI raid, Liz Cheney gets crushed in the Wyoming Republican primary, and Trump’s CFO pleads guilty to tax fraud. Here’s what happened this week. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

00:02 Trump’s Excuses Get More Insane as FBI Unseals Warrant
10:18 Snoop Dogg to Release “Snoop Loopz” & Vegas Floods
20:49 Liz Cheney Gets Crushed In Primary & “Quiet Quitting” Is On The Rise
31:06 Trump CFO’s Guilty Plea & Mariah Carey’s Trademark Play
40:37 Jan. 6 Walking Tour




  • DAVE Smith 7 months ago

    also we discovered this week that drug cartels are now putting Fentanyl in candy and the borders are wide open we will have to wait and see how many children die from this

  • Yousuf Khwajazada 7 months ago


  • Gaelle 7 months ago

    Also what was he planning to do with the passports? Running to Putin?

  • Rocketman 7 months ago

    I like Trevor, but its quite clear he is a Democrat shill (no jokes about Democrats right?). Just in time for midterms!

  • Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 7 months ago

    The top 1% have a larger carbon footprint than the poorest 50% combined. Literally 70 million of the most wealthy people on Earth use more carbon then the poorest 3.5 billion combined. I’m ok with a carbon tax if it was paid by the people who actually use the most carbon. Everything we buy has a carbon footprint, so it would be easy to tax people based off how many houses, yachts, cars etcetera that they purchase.

  • Scarlet Letter 7 months ago

    So, when do Snoop-Loops hit the store shelves? Asking for a freind

  • Meg Nakano 7 months ago

    33 million pages in documents… would be how many boxes?? .. And appointing yourself to 5 extra jobs, does that mean 5 extra paychecks??

  • samuel fitzpatrick 7 months ago

    What about news on monkey pox being an STD

  • MercyGrim96 7 months ago

    Welp guess I’m moving to Scotland. Byeeeeee everyone XD

  • kitsuchiya5 7 months ago

  • Miley 7 months ago

    14:49 what happened to the people who were living in the sewage system.

  • Shamsh Tabrij 7 months ago

    Then why is he not arrested yet? Amusing…

  • Mark Schmidt 7 months ago

    “Kramer brings work home too!” https://youtu.be/mNxz-lq38k4

  • jaden Ramontsho 7 months ago

    I can’t stand snippets of news so I wait the whole week for these summary, I love the daily show

  • David Castain 7 months ago

    There are at least 5 levels of Secret above Top!

  • Nicholas Belfiore 7 months ago

    Commentators on election day? Way too funny dude. 😆

  • PEACE WORLD 7 months ago

    Get a warrant for the exhumation of Ivana trump’s coffin 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • eschdaddy 7 months ago

    Trump probably flushed his passports.

  • Amelia Rollet 7 months ago

    *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*


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