What the Hell Happened This Week? Week of 7/20/2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on July 25, 2020

Trump boasts about his cognitive test, the Feds invade Portland, Kanye stages a campaign rally, and China goes to Mars. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #News



  • Scholar57 9 months ago

    Hmm…let’s see:

    ~COVID-19 is still spreading’s like a forest fire drenched in oil.
    ~Protests turning horrific.
    ~We have the two–party system and those divided by it going at each other like members in a gang war.
    ~Misinformation is seemingly everywhere because of all the distrust and confusion.
    ~Everyone is panicking.
    ~This week marks the 1-year anniversary of the “Do us a favor, though,” phone call.
    ~And meanwhile the rest of the world continues to move on as the United States continues to struggle and fumble over its own feet due to a poor pandemic response and people who are acting like enemies simply because they can’t agree on anything.

    Yep. America.

  • Rick Hard 9 months ago

    Person, woman, man, camera, TV,

  • Sunset x1 9 months ago

    The hoodies😦😦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤

  • AuntieS412 9 months ago

    I have to give credit where credit is due-I don’t think I have ever seen or heard anyone twist things like trump does. He can change facts when the true ones smack him in the face and claim he was clearly right when he wasn’t not 20 sec ago. That is astounding and scary cause you can’t fight a liar
    . He really believes he is a genius. Lawsuits against the ss troops-good luck with that NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO,duh

  • First Name Last Name 9 months ago

    How many hoodies does he have

  • ciudadanubis 9 months ago

    Everybody wants to go to Mars now, because of orbital mechanics.

  • Liza Tanzawa 9 months ago

    Wallace calls it “the Bernie/Biden platform”. IF ONLY!! Exit polls prove the DNC hacked our vote-counting machines in the Dem primaries—AGAIN! But putting Bernie first makes Biden seem like not such a tool of our bipartisan billionaire overlords…

  • Paul Hexagonal 9 months ago

    On October 25, 1940, Benjamin O. Davis Sr. was appointed Brigadier General in the United States Army by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, becoming the first African American general in the history of the United States Military. Since then nearly 400 other African American women and men have been appointed to that rank. https://www.blackpast.org/special-features/the-commanders-admirals-and-generals/

  • M. Watts 9 months ago

    Chris Wallace did more damage to Donnie then the entire Democratic Party in one interview.

  • The Honeybees 9 months ago

    Makes u wonder what china companies they are getting there numbers from lol.

  • Kiki Reyes 9 months ago

    I love the Daily Social Distancing Show! I rarely watch the news & this is one of the perfect alternatives to know “what the hell happens” every week. The Trump Impersonations & other comedy bits make it my favorite thing to watch since corona. Thank you Trevor Noah! 🙂

  • Ali Black 9 months ago

    🌳🌳🌳👀ain’t NOBODY see how Trump snatched that paper from that lady 🌳👀🌳👀🌳????!!!

  • Salt Daemon 9 months ago

    the solution is to arm everyone…all citizens…cause if the police know you and all the protesters are armed they will treat us with respect…or end up on the street,dead.

  • Damon Sanders 9 months ago

    What the hell happened this week? They didn’t take your lying ads off the air.

  • Anna S. 9 months ago

    Fact shaming. Love it. Agent Orange has no facts.

  • Michel Dees 9 months ago

    I’m still laughing about this interview. 🤣

  • Aaa Aaa 9 months ago

    Bash Trump every video. Praise Biden every video.
    It shows in order to b Hollywood u have to b braindead and soulless.
    Can’t wait to see them sacrifice you soon. Fool

  • velshock 9 months ago

    What could go wrong when someone this unhinged has so much power?

  • Laith R 9 months ago

    If a war can be beautiful, Why didn’t the bunker boy go to the beautiful Vietnam War?

  • Aaa Aaa 9 months ago

    U need better writers bro. Your platform is WEAK


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