What The Hell Happened This Week? – Week of 5/2/2022 | The Daily Show | The Daily Show

Published on May 7, 2022

A leaked draft suggests SCOTUS will strike Roe v. Wade, Senator Amy Klobuchar urges people to “get mad and vote,”Minnesota conservatives theorize who leaked the document and Alexis McGill Johnson discusses how Planned Parenthood will continue to fight for freedom over reproductive rights. Here’s what happened this week. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

00:02:28 Supreme Court To Strike Down Roe v. Wade
09:44:20 Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) Minnesota
16:51:18 Conservatives Obsessed With SCOTUS Leak & U.K. Man Grows Arm Penis
27:17:29 Alexis McGill Johnson President and CEO, Planned Parenthood



  • Matthew Ganibi 2 years ago

    MTG – how are you okay with this? Unreal.

  • Neil Stone 2 years ago

    You know you’re on the wrong side when Amazon does something right

  • EvilPoet85 2 years ago

    The world is f….. Russia is an evil dictatorship and the US is turning the clock back to the fifties

  • Frodaddy09 2 years ago

    The minority ruling the majority in action.

  • D D Srinivas 2 years ago

    I think us is preparing for war indirectly, war need a men and men die in war, so they plan to increase population. China on the other hand 0 covid policy might be to halt exports to west to target their economy indirectly

  • Robert DesVeaux 2 years ago

    Vote all democratic this November or else

  • DAVE Smith 2 years ago

    Same thing that has been happening every week .Joe Biden is destroying America

  • Ted Lundgren 2 years ago

    The leak is not story! The decision is!

  • dastretch 2 years ago

    It’s always been and will be a woman’s choice. Period.

  • Cristina Filipov 2 years ago

    It is so weird, that a country that does not have free healthcare, mandatory maternity leave, or free childcare, is so obsessed with forcing the birth of unwanted children…

  • Lucky Charmz 2 years ago

    And then they came for me…..
    Believe they will get to You next. This is just the beginning.

  • DNKYHNTR 2 years ago

    Speaking english is not deeply rooted in the nations history and traditions….

  • Aras 2 years ago

    Not so fun fact: Abortion bans do **not** significantly decrease abortion rates, but just make it way more risky.

  • Aazib Siddique 2 years ago

    It was leaked by somebody who wants to show how bad the Supreme Court has become.


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