What The Hell Happened This Week? – Week of 4/18/2022 | The Daily Show

Published on April 23, 2022

Florida bans math books for critical race theory, mask mandates drop mid-flight, Netflix stocks plummet 40%, and CNN+ announces its shut down, one month after launching. Here’s a look at this week’s top stories. #DailyShow

00:00 Florida Bans Math Books & AriZona Iced Tea Refuses to Raise Prices
07:50 Mask Mandate Drops Mid-Flight
17:55 Netflix Stock Plummets & Ron DeSantis Punishes Disney
26:43 CNN+ Already Shutting Down & Giuliani Revealed on “Masked Singer”




  • Carlo Jones 1 year ago

    The boggy man is everywhere.

  • jakeolthof 1 year ago

    Trevor should do the research that Bill Maher did into this issue on math textbooks and he found one case that was clearly about something other than math but you can watch the April 22nd real Time with Bill Maher to see what this is about.

  • Michael K. Prieto 1 year ago

    AZ IT!!!!!

  • Jennie Kreiner 1 year ago

    My husband works outside so lots of drinks, don’t worry water is first, but then there is tea. But I will only buy Arizona from now on.

  • GRJ2733 1 year ago

    When Desantis installs government rule of Disney, we’ll start seeing potholes, crime, poor neighborhoods, panhandlers, and urban blight. The magic kingdom won’t be so magic.

  • Fallon Clouatre 1 year ago

    Covid does not care.

  • b Young 1 year ago

    More Arizona Tea for me!!!

  • Jonathan Lane 1 year ago

    CRT hysteria has become the Salem witchcraft hysteria of the 21st Century.
    Inflation: since the practice and concept of a social contract is all but gone in the US, there is nothing stopping cos from being concerned only with “shareholder value.”

  • Truth above ALL 1 year ago

    U should do a show in Q since its been v helpful in the destruction of the Nation & yet we don’t call this out enough when 1/2 the country still believes this stuff guys

  • Solveig Hansen 1 year ago

    If a company makes 35 billion in profit, somebody miscalculated..

  • Just A Dood 1 year ago

    just my theory but what if it has something to do with who wrote those text books either author or organization.
    if so then the answer is quite obvious

  • Tallal Sarwar 1 year ago

    Nothing happened in Palestine this week?

  • srgreeniii 1 year ago

    I’ve never had an issue with masks. I worked at a grain elevator for years, had to wear one 8-12 hours a day; those 12 hours days I usually went through 4 lol

  • Nahamya Allan 1 year ago

    Buy more ARIZONA ICE TEA


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