What the Hell Happened This Week? – Week of 2/15/21 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 20, 2021

Mitch McConnell wants someone else to hold Trump accountable, the GOP blames AOC for Texas’s power crisis, and Ted Cruz abandons his constituents to go to Cancun. What the hell happened this week? #DailyShow



  • Justin Flood 1 week ago

    So I guess we can say ICE deported Cruz from Texas.

  • Chris Go 1 week ago

    There help is to late harm already done

  • pat a 1 week ago

    Fox News fake news

  • Jack Ryan 1 week ago

    That OJ reference 🍊😵

  • Moonflower Tarot 1 week ago

    News: *acquitted*
    Families/friends of those who died due to capitol riot: *…..*

  • Joe Schmo 1 week ago

    One apocalypse at a time please.

  • Sir Kay 1 week ago

    You were going to impeach the Yt man, how? how can a yt man be wrong? you know any yt person you successfully held accountable? you’ll have a better chance winning a lottery than that happening.

  • thomas nixon 1 week ago

    That fro commendable

  • Nane Neunmalklug 1 week ago

    Ok, English is not my native language so I might have misunderstood some words here. But from what I understood:
    The winter cut the windmill output in half. And a nuclear plant, the gas and coal plants stopped producing electricity altogether? Doesn’t sound like it was the windmills fault to me 🤔

  • Vanessa MARTINI 1 week ago

    Donny has a closet filled w blackmail videos of his constituents doing “tremendously” bad things….he’s been collecting these since the Epstein days…thats Y they cannot hold him accountable. Cruz…who knows what he got caught doing….mustve been pretty bad.Insider trading/bribes/insurrections u name it.

  • sess 1 week ago

    wow…they’re honestly blaming barely developed green sources of energy, that could have thirty years of development instead of only ten years of development, for the weather caused by a century of preferring capitalist profits over not ruining the planets atmosphere? it’s like someone trying to shoot you, but you dodge the bullet, which ricochets and hits the shooter, and the shooter blames you for dodging their shot lol 😆😂…🤔😳🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Denny Bailey 1 week ago

    Ted Cruz gives giant middle finger to Texas.

  • Gadri Pericles 1 week ago

    I’m not sending my socialist money to them[Texans]

  • Sharon Ramrattan Jagassar 1 week ago

    And nasal has technology to land on Mars 7 times, ironically

  • Annie in KC 1 week ago

    Ted Cruz and family may already had planned & purchased their tickets, well before any storms arrived. Think it through. You’ve traveled. You must book ahead for vacations, clear your calendar, etc.

  • Tom Federico 1 week ago

    $h!t, P!$$, and Corruption is what happens every week now. It’s becoming such a joke that we should be getting extremely angry, and stand up to the lies, conspiracies, and greed. But we would rather joke about it, create memes, its more about who has the funniest joke on the subject. Its never about holding them accountable, or speaking rationally to one another. It’s to the point where we don’t even believe each other, so many crazy ideas and conspiracies and lies, they have us confused which is EXACTLY WHERE RICH OLD REPUBLICANS WANT US.

  • Per Øystein Tovsen 1 week ago

    How can someone manage to become mayor while not even being able to spell properly? That’s embarrassing…

  • Kenkalusikka 1 week ago

    Mate, Elsa comes where -22f is normal.

  • Veevee Archer 1 week ago

    If texans are proud of ted cruz, then those proud texans deserve the winter storms

  • April Porter 1 week ago

    Thanks Trevor!


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