What The Hell Happened This Week? – Week of 2/14/2022 | The Daily Show

Published on February 19, 2022

America is banning books, Nelson Mandela’s home is now a luxury hotel, and Jordan Klepper goes head-to-head with Canadian truckers. Here’s a look at what happened this week. #DailyShow

00:02 Russian Skater’s Doping Scandal
03:00 America’s Book Bans: The Latest Culture War Front
13:16 Prince Andrew Settles Sexual Abuse Suit, Tinder Offers “Blind Date” Feature, & Mandela’s Home Now a Luxury Hotel
21:21 Jordan Klepper Takes on Canadian Truckers




  • WELLINGTON 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is a political puppet for democrat tyrants to brain wash ya’ll

  • mkatseal 2 years ago

    How is Lavar just getting hotter with age?

  • DRONE;ж;DOME 三FPV三 2 years ago

    So parents are against their children being themselves?
    What kind of backwoods parenting is this?
    If my child wants to read, I encourage it. Even if I don’t like the book.
    It’s their life, not yours you selfish idiots. Geez!

  • Shawnlize Leatherdale 2 years ago

    Fahrenheit 451

  • Aiki Dragon 2 years ago

    The White House is the future home of President Camacho. Everybody must drink Brawndo, it has Electrolytes.

  • Lars Laufer 2 years ago

    Seam like some people didn’t read their history books… there was a pretty unfamouse book burnign you know. Maybe read up on that.

  • Sharon Montag 2 years ago

    Would Tx and FL just secede so the rest off the country get on with civilized behavior?

  • Lara Charming 2 years ago

    They’ve said it out loud, their wonderful evangelical leaders, they only want the bible taught in school and nothing else.

  • Nath Alvarez 2 years ago

    fahrenheit 451

  • Wednesday's Child 2 years ago

    The book is not banned. Some parents are trying to decide what to use. Why can’t we stick to classics like Diary of Anne Frank,the Odyssey and Gatsby?

  • Katerina Zamba 2 years ago

    FYI the Queen works every day. even at her age. She receives paperwork to check daily from the government. She worked as a mechanic during the second world war. She is the hardest-working member of the royal family. Princess Anne does a lot of work for a charity she is just low profile. You can not judge the Queen for other family members’ indiscretions. She has never put a foot wrong. She has dedicated her life to a job she never wanted. Read up on history and get your facts correct. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE QUEEN. I thought you were so funny until today. You came across as an uneducated, disrespectful, arrogant prat. Of course, HRH would simply be grateful about what you implied. Learn from her. So disappointed in you.

  • Karen Rumney 2 years ago

    Ha, Trump already used the Whitehouse to flog beans !!!!!

  • charlotte amelia murray 2 years ago

    whats with the hair?

  • 415 s30 2 years ago

    Levar rocks, now get David Allen Grier!

  • R.M. H. 2 years ago

    Dearest Republicans,
    With all your talk about book banning and burning Who’s the thought police?


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