What The Hell Happened This Week? – Week of 1/24/2022 | The Daily Show

Published on January 29, 2022

Biden curses out a Fox News reporter, Justice Breyer announces his retirement, and schools get creative with responding to the latest Covid surge. Here’s what happened this week. #DailyShow

00:02 Russia & Ukraine Close To War & RFK Jr.’s Holocaust Head-Scratcher
05:20 Biden Curses Fox News Reporter & China’s COVID Crackdown
11:52 Justice Breyer Announces SCOTUS Retirement
14:24 Schools Get Creative In Latest Covid Surge




  • Snigdha Rahman 2 years ago

    Actually Idris Alba would be a great 007

  • Dr.Magnus Nyhus Urgent Care Bar and Grill 2 years ago

    19:23 mark.
    Parent got a time out.

  • Dashawn Hatton 2 years ago

    My son

  • Enrique Ruiz 2 years ago

    I swear man how is Trevor not cancelled yet

  • Muliph 2 years ago

    That someone has the nerve to compare immunization to WW2, that’s just messed up.

  • Cat Lady Cabaret 2 years ago

    I love the Desi-Trevor moment where it just feels like I’m hanging out with my funny, cultured friends for a minute (I am the not-funny, uncultured one). “You could be a dry Bond…” “…we’ll workshop it.” dying. #solutionsnotproblems

  • G M 2 years ago

    Inmates from prison would make great teachers. Scared Straight And ABC’s at the same time.

  • sciencequest 2 years ago

    following news from independent sources and not the biased one sided cnn, bbc, fox(I don’t watch it), etc. this russia-ukraine crises is overblown. and u.s. led nato is equally responsible if not more for provoking this crises by encroaching on russian borders and false promosing while under delivering on ukraine joining nato once it goes through necessary reforms which could take decades if not years. yet, we are installing advanced equipment near russian border but don’t report on it. but when russia responds we report only that only. it is this russia hysteria filling up our “news channels” about russia about to invade. our activitied along with nato are not all that innocent.

  • szitko6 2 years ago

    South park predicted cops teaching schools during COVID.

  • Valataroz 2 years ago

    Just sending in soldiers, they die, and in the end what does one gain ? Nothing, just pawns to play with

  • guy arrol 2 years ago

    I love Ruth bader Ginsburg but she betrayed us all with her greed by not stepping down

  • maiden**detroit 2 years ago

    Sheesh. Is this a Putin move to satisfy some previous deal with Trump? Poking Ukraine to irritate the U.S. until it drops the hammer?
    These Anti Vaxxers are nuts.
    The Press guy did ask a dumb question.
    Ew..did you have to show the orange loser’s face?

  • Anthony Amescua 2 years ago


  • George Abraham 2 years ago

    Money: “The guys that complain about basic income.. they would be like : “They get the money for nothing and probably buy Alkahol”… (And you hear this from soneone who owns a loquor store)..”

  • James Tragle 2 years ago

    Imagine what would have happened if a black man said he was coming to school with loaded guns during a school board meeting.

  • NugsNJugs 2 years ago

    That was a dumb question though

  • Gustave DeLior 2 years ago

    Russia will pull something shady and we will hit them too hard and it’s all down hill from there


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