What the Hell Happened This Week? | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • Happy Dude 2 months ago

    Trump doesn’t speak, his throat queefs🤣

  • never trumper 2 months ago

    This is communism. Thank you president Vladimir trump.

  • Lilac Violet 2 months ago

    “a beautiful view” – Nancy Pelosi
    – Love from Hong Kong xD

  • max gonzalez 2 months ago

    Serious question here: Why does a person choose to become a police officer?

  • Deanna 2 months ago

    Even in MN grandma harrassed at cemetary planting dead brothers memorial flowers wtf is wrong with the police!!! They all went mad!!!!

  • Lisa Marion 2 months ago

    The police are the terrorists not the protesters

  • Neerja Singh 2 months ago

    Your America now is what India has always been,sadly some people have become used to it due to the silence of those in power! Americans promise me you will shout so loud that the word racism make racists uncomfortable!!!!

  • Chinho Kwong 2 months ago

    You are getting closer and closer to be demonetized

  • Butti King 2 months ago

    Some music on the background would be nice. The blank moments are disturbing

  • Leslie Boles 2 months ago

    As I’ve said before, Pelosi for president!

  • Vonetta Wilson 2 months ago

    LOL Research how NASCAR got started; then you will understand why the connection to that flag is so strong.

  • Iliad P 2 months ago

    Just a question in general:
    Why are black people called black? Aren’t most “black people” a shade of brown? I don’t know why, but this really bugs me.

  • lola johnson 2 months ago

    Trump ordered theses cops to attack theses journalist . We know he doesn’t like them , this isn’t a coincident . This idiot is trying to start a rase war. What ever Congress have to do to protect the country ‘ the need to get prepared.

  • kainen mattison 2 months ago

    Every leftist who hate the police should move to Minneapolis….

  • СЛП-Комрадスタープラチナ 星の白金 2 months ago

    “They bought the equipment to fight terrorist but now they use it against Americans”
    I always knew this would happen. It’s already happened before this. Occupy, Standing Rock, etc, they serve their corporate masters to suppress the people brutally. The police are absolutely vile as an entire institution. We need some major changes.

  • Barbara Winterbourne 2 months ago

    Trump does not care about any confederate general or flag. It thinks it helps him keep his base. Why are these confederate generals being given any space at all they were against the United States.

  • Kelfren Souza 2 months ago

    Trump isn’t worried about coronavirus so he can delay the election vote days by taking back an national state of emergency in the right time.

  • Lady_JD JD 2 months ago

    Former President Jefferson Davis was a Democrat. The confederates are from the south and they are in fact Democrats who stood against slavery. (Read about the Union Army against the Confederate Army).

  • Mark L 2 months ago

    no one going to talk about the take over of capitol hill and the demands of – not defunding – but COMPLETE abolition of the police?


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