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  • S G 1 year ago

    National holiday Juneteenth! Awesome. No more slavery…now I hope during Trump’s term we’ll initiate another date to celebrate, no more systemic racism! Whoo hoo!

  • Josh Dawson 1 year ago

    #WalkAway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AkbfmMNVP8

  • MrToasty 1 year ago

    Damn im already missing Trevor. Keep checking for uploads.

  • Jamie King 1 year ago

    What do we think the next iteration of oppression of black lives will be? Mass incarceration and the war on drugs still shackles people of color and poor people. I don’t know if we will ever abolish these crazy and evil practices but if we somehow change it, white leaders with racism in their blood will undoubtedly try to find more loopholes to keep pressure on black lives. What do we think it will be? How can we really protect POC as allies of the community?? Get educated is a great start. What else? 💜

  • yixi yan 1 year ago

    About china you are ignorance!

  • Leona Dior 1 year ago

    Wow when I hear the latest news from US, I realized how backwards this country is !!!! In Europe this is not happening!!! I’m working in a bank in Luxembourg I have gay colleagues but this dose not change at all a person, meaning we treat them as normal as if they were straight! We don’t care about anybody orientation! US have HUGE PROBLEMS WITH RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION!!!!! THIS HAVE TO STOP!!!!

  • Tyler Jirkovsky 1 year ago

    Idk now if trump quot sead any of the shit thay think he sead, like all im saying is unless there is recordings of him saying this stuff i will not take the media’s word for it, and also if your Republican it doesn’t mean you have to love Trump some Republicans really dont like him the man that is wrighting the book is baced on what he himself is saying not the collective, in other words unless other witnesses confirm or denie that what he is saying is true its not legitimized, but who knows Trump might have been like “isn’t Finland apart of Russian, like am i right or” (sarcasm) and every libral in the vicinity of him was like “hoohhhuu nukkkummuu iv goda call up CNN and nukkkuuukk the umm Washington post and the New york times aswell to tell um howmuch i disslike trump and the Republican party and im guna play off trumps joke as sumthing he actually ment ummmkkkkkkuuhhkk sorry about my constent spitting, like ok sir everybody will believe you sir 🙄

  • Ari Heino 1 year ago

    Interesting to think how despicable Trump must’ve looked in Xi Jinpings eyes.. He represents the species of soulless corporate goblins that the socialist movement sought to exterminate.

  • JJ T 1 year ago

    Japan is lit 🔥

  • Ebony V 1 year ago

    Must have not heard about the recent treatment of black ppl in China

  • Donald Huntington 1 year ago

    Juneteenth is a waste of a holiday.

  • Mr RoyalGard 1 year ago

    Aha, No Pride Parade in Oslo. That makes me so so happy ! 😀 !

  • Fluid Waves 1 year ago

    Daily Show is propaganda for little children that just repeat whatever they are told

  • Yojimbo 1 year ago

    Trump is going to seriously put the Onion out of business.

  • Xendela B 1 year ago

    The questions needs to be asked are: how is it Trump does not know England is a world power? Because America and England is an Anglo American world power. 😅🤣😂. Next Trump is sooo desperate to become a second term president he is resorting to bribery to foreign leaders to intervene in America’s political system to keep him in power, how pathetic, and EMBARRASSING! Trump was unable to show ANY success in his four years in office other than the frequent turnover of his office, and himself frequent failings in every crisis that have occurred in this country. Strange I don’t remember any other president begging other countries to keeping them in power? Trump brought the bar so low any one cab step over it

  • Mark Bjering 1 year ago

    So if I walk into work dressed in a furry suit, I would not be discriminated against. if I see my self as some animal gender? (just an example)

  • TuSueNee Briggs 1 year ago

    Ask me anything Trevor I promise you that I will give you the proper answer. I’m not vile,rude,or unfiltered
    a Tusuenee Briggs

  • vaguely real 1 year ago

    this is what blm wants for you: https://streamable(dot)com/tsw7d5 but by all means let’s make jokes about trump. https://pastebin(dot)com/JgqHZQH7

  • double pisces 1 year ago

    You can like him, hate him, whatever, but he is not worst then Biden, Clintons and Obama. Period!
    When last time did you heard about war in Syria? 🤨 There is no war anymore!
    Wars created all around the world by Democrats, Soros and others, and this scamdemic called virus created from the same people and you still keep your eyes closed? Shame on you then!
    Why Hillary doesn’t come to court and talk about her e-mails that leaked by WikiLeakes? What about Pizzagate and pedophilia? What about Nancy Pelosi calling people out to ChinaTown saying there is nothing to worry about, when Trump wanted to close the country? What about Antifa? What about hospitals getting $39000 for every death certificate where cause of death is a virus? There is no more AIDS, cancer, car accidents, suicides, etc. It’s just death by virus… 🤔 Just open your eyes once for all, not because of me, but because of you! Watch X22Report here on YT and you’ll see the other side of the coin. When there were the biggest protests few weeks ago, that day Hillary Clinton had court hearing, she didn’t showed up (again!), it was live-streamed, but no one was watching because people were outside. You want country without police? Well, prepare a bunker for yourself than.

  • Grit Log 1 year ago

    the more religious a nation is, the more anti-lgbt they become

  • GamE FrEak 1 year ago

    Trump is genius.
    I also have no clue what Ivanka email scandals even is about. I don’t know even that happen. Trump just brainwashed us

  • GamE FrEak 1 year ago

    A national holiday.
    Hell Yeah

  • Lord Soar 1 year ago

    No matter how far the world has fallen,all this narrator does separate
    and divide people .The Real News is that these people are destroying the
    ability to think for yourselves!Your candidate can’t win the
    presidential campaign,so the Dem’s destroy everything.Nancy Pelosi 1987-
    2020 crimes against humanity!!!!

  • AuditoryDefect 1 year ago

    Trevor be carefull. You do your job so well, that many late night show hosts might start to think you have to go

  • Adrian Rdz Aldrete 1 year ago

    American just learning about the “Chinese box” tactic, such an Mexican classic

  • Pavithra Shaji 1 year ago

    10:48 he’s so cute 😂

  • Liam Karth 1 year ago

    Trump says screw you to the LGBTQ community but his Barron’s preferred pronouns are they/them

  • Jen Zamchiya 1 year ago

    For the record, there are a number of black expats in Japan. Many even prefer Japan to the States.

  • Memoiana 1 year ago

    “LGBTQIA +”???

    it is getting difficult to keep track.

  • lyomon 1 year ago

    what black trans ? black lives matter damn it

  • Jill Cameron 1 year ago

    Hallelujah! It’s about frickin time. Much love, joy, peace, harmony & unity.💚☮️

  • Paul Nelson 1 year ago

    Pretending you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re a woman. You don’t have to like that. It’s a fact…not a fantasy.

  • MosesPlays 1 year ago

    Only way to abolish racism is to take away racist parent’s children for adoption as a requirement by law.
    Give it 2-3 generations to all the old racist fucks to die,and there you go.. no one to spew anymore hatred.

  • Mike 1 year ago

    Trevor Noah looks like the combination of one of the fired Raisin Raisinettes and a hairy testicle.

  • LaCarrie Cross 1 year ago

    That’s like lighting yourself on fire to distract the fact that you farted😂😂😂😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • The Elmz 1 year ago

    Trevor, Japan has many black people. Reggae Sun splash was held there regularly for years. Reggae is the number one music of choice for most young and cool people😅

  • Arthur Imona 1 year ago

    Oh Trevor mentioned Papua New Guinea!!! Yep! #papuaNewGuinea

  • Arc A 1 year ago

    When was the last time the NAACP helped anyone. Besides Rachel Dolezal that is

  • Green Nights 1 year ago

    6 to 3 yikes! 3 still in the closet. I’m not any of those things, I’m just real, and everyone needs to mtob. I’m really prejudiced against stupid people. lol but alas it’s not their fault.

  • Johnny P 1 year ago

    Let’s not forget how slowly news travelled.


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