What Texas’s New Abortion Ban Means For Reproductive Rights Across the Country

Published on September 8, 2021

The Supreme Court’s refusal to block a blatantly unconstitutional new abortion ban in Texas has other red states salivating over the opportunity to enact their own laws. It’s time to pick up our bitchiest protest signs and get ready to fight!




  • Krishna Satram 1 week ago

    This and other laws & policies that exist/are passed in the US make me wonder why the US even has a Constitution. 😨

  • E E 1 week ago

    As a man I have no right to tell you what to do with your body, I don’t understand why other men can’t comprehend the slippery slope they just got conned into…

  • carrotjuse 1 week ago

    Just like in the former communist Soviet Russia. Reporting someone to the KGB got a reward and the person gets a permanent vacation in distant Siberia! Now Texas has it’s own communist party and a brand new KGB secret service!

  • Evan Korbut 1 week ago

    Willem Dafriend I’m dying

  • TheDesertsweeper 1 week ago

    I laugh at the USA with their insane system where the highest court of the land is clearly biased and no one does a thing about it. And huge sweeping changes result from it. It is not a very bright future for the good old US of A

  • paalders 1 week ago

    Women need to make Viagara illegal.

  • Alex D 1 week ago

    I like Canadians including you Samantha Bee 🐝sometimes I wished I was from Canada and your one of the reasons😇😍😍😍

  • Tragoudistros.MPH 1 week ago

    The law doesn’t permit ignorance as a defense, so it’s possible to sue a prolifer for aiding in an abortion, whether they know they helped or not.

    Even if they lent money and should have known, they can still be sued for $10,000 per abortion they aided or abetted, plus your court fees.

    RBG used discrimination against men to enshrine equal protection for the sexes, so why not use their Draconian law against them to protect a woman’s right to choose?

  • FeelinTangerine 1 week ago

    I always wondered why you could spell “texas” with a coat hanger as the letter A.

  • BSonYOUTUBE 1 week ago

    What i don’t understand is how is the right to abortion a reproductive right. Is it not exactly the opposite? Is that the whole point of an abortion, to not reproduce? Would it be a non reproductive right or something like that?

  • Kid Mohair 1 week ago

    “The unborn are an easy group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated,
    unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor;
    they don’t resent your condescension, or complain that you are not politically correct;
    unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question the patriarchy;
    unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare;
    unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike;
    they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships;
    and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn.

    You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power,
    or privilege, without reimagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone.

    They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim to love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe.
    Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.”

    Methodist Pastor David Barnhart

  • nigel cairns 1 week ago

    THe supreme court wants everyone to be as miserable as they are.

  • William Beltz 1 week ago

    Why not impeach them?

  • H.H. Knight Reviews 1 week ago

    It always makes me happy to see Sam hosting in high heels. Few things are more pleasing than people pumps in my opinion.

  • Vince F 1 week ago

    6:13 That was UNCALLED FOR. Sam should not be “creep-shaming” the obviously creepy. This guy’s creepiness may very well be a congenital condition.😳


  • Willie Nelson Gonzalez 1 week ago

    …… and the republicans harp on about how the Taliban treat women? Every republican that pushed this law through and every SCOTUS judge that didn’t stand up for women’s rights should be thoroughly ashamed!

  • Ned TLSanThree 1 week ago

    I don’t understand why so many men are trying to tell women what to do with probably the most important or most impactful decision in their lives. I really don’t.

    I personally know a few women who have had that experience, and none of them took it lightly.

    Trust women and believe that they know what’s the best for their bodies and their lives. It is their body; it is their choice.

  • Phyllis Seidl 1 week ago

    They are Pro-Birth, not Pro-Life.

  • usedfuzzbox 1 week ago

    Ok, the answer is actually really simple, every Democratic state needs to bring in similar vigilante laws for anyone who helps prevent an abortion from taking place….then the Supreme court will have to cave and do something….


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