What Steven Spielberg Gave The Cast Of West Side Story | The Graham Norton Show

Published on January 24, 2022

Rachel Zegler shares what incredible gifts Steven Spielberg gave the cast of West Side Story when production finished.

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  • 04williamsl 1 year ago

    “this must have been the first Greggs delivery”
    Oh you poor southerners. Poor poor southerners. Newcastle do this and have done for years

  • John Thomas 1 year ago

    Shame he didn’t give them a hit film as well 😩

  • Tushar Arora 1 year ago

    she made me imagine a lot of t-shirts today.

  • Duncan Cunningham 1 year ago

    ohh,, I miss Greggs. Moved to the US 20yrs ago.. so miss them pasties

  • Qisa muar* 1 year ago

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  • Odin Thorson 1 year ago

    I grew up watching Johnny Carson in the U.S.. I loved his show watched it nearly every night, he was the greatest. Finding Graham Norton on YouTube and watching him these past 4 years I’ve now moved Graham to the number 1 spot. Absolutely delightful, everyone has such a wonderful time on his show. Brilliant! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • ELWATCH01 1 year ago

    What he gave them? An over-hyped movie with no box office return because of his need to be woke? Hopefully the blue-ray will include subtitles missing from the theater release.

  • E M 1 year ago

    I’m in the US and I have heard about the legend that is Greggs and their sausage rolls.
    I fear I shall die wanting. 🥺😰

  • Raging Gamer 1 year ago

    Spielberg gave them all 17$ and asked them never to speak about this movie again.

  • PHILO 1 year ago

    https://youtu.be/o4oAdTWgQSE 😂

  • MMz 1 year ago

    I make a point of not watching the remake of West Side Story (one great version is enough for humanity), so I don’t quite know who this ‘Rachel’ is. But she is quite annoying by interrupting others and trying to speak over them.

  • Daniel Dravot 1 year ago

    What Spielberg should have given them is an apology.

  • randomspiel 1 year ago

    She really likes to name drop every ten seconds, doesn’t she?

  • Gino Cassano 1 year ago

    Have a shot every time she says T-shirt 😂

  • 78vintages 1 year ago

    Greggs isn’t a bakery for drunk people wtf

  • Letizia 1 year ago

    I want all of those t-shirts

  • Shane Smith 1 year ago

    “I bring Your Lordship’s attention back to the froth!” shouted Professor Lockhart, his enthusiasm masking the obvious embarrassment.


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